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by Jamie Sanford on April 10, 2017

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Today, I’m sharing a surprising email that I received from Universal Standard, a clothing company that has achieved more notoriety in recent time. They offer clothing in sizes 10-28, and the items are meant to be high-quality basics, in the best possible way.

From their website:

Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman started Universal Standard because size had become the dividing line determining who had the privilege and freedom to dress with quality and style.

That had to change, so they changed it.

Starting with the premise that clothes should look and feel good, they created a line of modern essentials, with a chic, downtown but classic aesthetic – giving women a new standard in style and experience.

The email they sent was dedicated to an explanation of their pricing and how it compares to pricing for similarly created items. Check it out below.

This is new and interesting! As someone who doesn’t buy tops that cost $200, it’s interesting to see this breakdown. The question that popped up for me immediately is to ask where these items are made. I checked on the website and didn’t find anything about where the items are made, which is a bit frustrating.

However, I don’t think I have ever seen such transparency in an email, and I opened it immediately. I have been on Universal Standard’s email list for a while and I am sure I will buy something from them eventually, and this email only helps me toward making a purchase.

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