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As previously mentioned, I am a Frank Lloyd Wright person. (You likely know at least one of us but you might not find out until he gets brought up in some way and then we won’t shut up about it!)

Click here for all mentions of Frank Lloyd Wright in the history of this website. These range from a series of posts from when I visited Florida Southern College to see so many FLW buildings at once to random mentions of products I would like and more.

However, that’s not the point of today’s post. I previously reviewed a email I received with suggestions on how I would edit it, and mentioned then that I would come back to write about the website itself. Here we go!

I’m not sure why, but all of the homepage banners on my screen appeared blurry, as if created at a smaller size than the window allows. This should be an easy enough fix.

I navigated to the tabletop sculptures page, and while I see the challenges with these items, I highly suggest that all of the product images be resized into a consistent size. This presentation is hard to shop and the overall scale of things is jarring.

The landing page for Office items is fairly straightforward, but I do struggle with the text presentation at the top. Great for SEO purposes, but I think the font could be bigger, especially for those on a desktop like I was using here. I checked this page on my phone and it is a better experience, but that should be able to be adjusted so that it is accessible and readable on multiple devices.

On to Garden Sculptures! My main issue here is the same as before, the inconsistent sizing of images making for a staggered look to the images and the text underneath them. I do think the inclusion of the garden journal here is nice, but the image is very blurry, which for an item that is presumably small is very strange. I am also reminded here of the product naming issue I was having in my post about the email. Product names = page titles on this website, so either that needs to be addressed in the actual product names, or the page titles need to be created separately from the short-form product name.

I’ve pasted 2 screenshots here to show differences in how the text content looks on product pages. This is definitely another area that should be consistent and appear the same. A specific format for how this text is created and presented should be developed and used throughout the site.

Consistent pieces of information should certainly be placed underneath the descriptive text at the top of this content section. Measurements should be presented clearly and consistently throughout, as should information on where the item is produced.

I’ve added two views of the footer here as the first is a bit small. I had this same issue with the email content. The “about us” appears to be this and only this. I have a problem with the first sentence, as I think that starting with the word “trusted” is odd. It should probably say: is your trusted source for design-inspired and Frank Lloyd Wright licensed products.

I also believe that there are some incorrect capitalizations in that sentence, which I have edited in my rewritten version. I very much appreciate the next sentence about the proceeds and where they go, but there is no link to get more information on the Trust and what it does! There is a website for the trust, so this is possibly the easiest thing to fix on all of

Regardless of the issues as I see as a brand experience enthusiast and longtime e-commerce professional, I do love the items available on I am (unsurprisingly) partial to the bird feeders, but I also really love the idea of getting the house numbers as well.

I hope to see updating their site content soon.

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Shop Wright Promo Email | Brand Experience Project

by Jamie Sanford on March 19, 2021

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I am definitely a bit of a Frank Lloyd Wright-ophile. I have visited a few of his most famous buildings, most recently having made the journey to Spring Green, Wisconsin, to see Taliesin, his personal home for many years. (Unrelated to this specific post—Frank had a bit of a scandalous existence, but also went through some unimaginable horrors. I really enjoyed the Ken Burns documentary about him, which clocks in at around two and a half hours.)

My interest in Frank Lloyd Wright has led to me being signed up for many different relevant mailing lists. One of them is the Frank Lloyd Wright e-commerce destination

I received an email from them recently and opened it to see what items were featured. Let’s get into it.

I have issues with a few things here.

  • I don’t like the names of the plates here. I would like to see the size name at the front, and then an actual measurement so that I can get a better idea of scale here in the email.
    • Small Ginkgo Leaves Plate, 4.25″
    • Large Ginkgo Leaves Plates, 8.75″
  • There is a lack of grammatical consistency, particularly with punctuation marks. There are variable amounts of spacing around dashes and an oddly-placed period after “origami chair.” Here’s how I would re-write these:
    • Barista 12-Hour Tree of Life Travel Mug
    • Limited-Edition Taliesin West Origami Chair
    • Ginkgo Leaves Napkin Rings, Set of 4

Right off the bat here, you can see a promo for “all face masks are 12.99” with a floating image of a mask, but it is behind the image of the mailbox? It’s possible that this is just an error with this email in Gmail, but something there is awry. Clicking the image of the mailbox takes you to the face mask page. Something isn’t right.

The mailbox is very lovely but I would prefer to see the “back in stock” messaging on the image instead of in the text. Additionally, the text is a different font and size than the other product names, and the mailbox listing doesn’t have a “buy now” button, which is inconsistent.

I also have similar issues with the product naming here. Here are my suggestions for these:

  • Beachy House Locking Steel Mailbox
  • Deluxe Patinated Copper and White Birdhouse
  • Floral Bird Feeder in Slate Blue
    • Although I struggle with the inclusion of the color here since a click through lets you see that this bird feeder is only available in that one color. (UPDATE: shopping later on this site led me to discover other color options, but they aren’t grouped onto one product page! That is something to be fixed as well.)

Finally, I discovered another issue here that bothered me – the images for these items don’t link to the item! I clicked the bird feeder and got this:

I am kind of obsessed with this feeder, but if I click the image, I want to go to the page where I can buy the item, not just a giant version of the image in the email.

Let’s continue.

I have similar issues here with the product naming, so let’s get those fixes out of the way.

  • Pagoda Lantern Sandstone Outdoor Sculpture
  • Healing Gong Wind Chime
  • Midway Gardens Sandstone Sprite with Scepter, 64″
    • This last one is a bit long but since the Midway Gardens was such an important project for FLW, it seems appropriate to mention it in the name. Another version may also want to include the word “reproduction” in the product name in this email, but I’m leaving it out for the time being since it is clearly indicated on the product page this information links to.

The link to shop all outdoor accessories is a smart choice, given that the subject line of this email refers to spring and it is prime time to buy outdoor decor.

I make it down to the footer message about what my purchases support, and I see it as a missed opportunity for links. I see below that I can link directly to, but a direct link to the “education and preservation programs” that I would be supporting might really engage me to want to justify buying more things.

All in all, this email did do the basic job of showing me some things that I might want to purchase to get my home into the spring spirit. The issues I ran across are easily fixable.

This post is about the email, so I won’t go further than that for now, but I also definitely noticed some issues within the actual e-commerce shop as well, but that is for another day.

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Link Tank #51

by Jamie Sanford on July 13, 2018

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This video about mixing face powder is mesmerizing.

Interesting look at habits that are keeping you from being a great communicator.

I am pretty interested in this master class on photography by Annie Leibowitz. At $100, I expected it to be much more expensive.

I need a house so I can get a Frank Lloyd Wright bird feeder.

Why you need a Roth IRA. I enjoy reading Two Cents pieces.

This is certainly one take on Trent Reznor’s 50 Greatest Songs. I don’t necessarily agree with this list, but I would put many of these into my own top 50.

At a very different place in the musical spectrum, Dave Matthews performed a short acoustic set at NPR.

After 10 years on Twitter, it took a negative tweet regarding Tonya Harding and her appearance on Dancing with the Stars for me to get trolled! All thanks to Yahoo Entertainment for including my tweet in their story.

Throwback to the Gary Numan show from last December. I need to see another one soon.

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Link Tank #44

by Jamie Sanford on August 8, 2017

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Throwback to happier times for McLaren F1. And really enjoyable ads featuring F1 drivers.

Nine Inch Nails is BACK, and playing festivals this summer and fall. Here’s the full livestream of their set from the Panorama Festival.

We didn’t go to the festival, but the next morning, got an invite to a surprise Nine Inch Nails show at Webster Hall. It was ridiculous and hot and packed but super fun.

These bookshelves are being specified for a baby’s room on a Beautiful Mess but I think they would be good anywhere.

Hidden features and third-party program for Spotify improvements.

From the Kitchn: the ultimate guide to cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

From Advanced Style, an advanced love post from a couple that have been married for 60 years!

I saw a recent photo of Queen Elizabeth and was stunned by this tiara with aquamarines. It turns out that this piece has a long history.

Jamie Beck’s French adventures are already making me envious, but her Provence self-portrait series is next level. Her version of The Last Supper is stunning.

David and I were out on a random day of estate sailing and I saw this house and stopped immediately, because it looked so much like a Frank Lloyd Wright house. It turns out that the Kessler House was designed by an architect who trained under Frank Lloyd Wright, John Rattenbury. You can learn about the house, and its restoration, here and here.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links.

I have 2 previous posts with images from Florida Southern College: Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture at Florida Southern College – William H. Danforth Chapel & Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture at Florida Southern College – Annie Pfeiffer Chapel.

I have been a Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast for many years. Not only was Frank Lloyd Wright a genius, but his life was entertaining and scandalous, to say the least. This Ken Burns documentary about the life of Frank Lloyd Wright is completely worth the watch time.

I was very excited to take an informal tour of the largest single-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the world, at Florida Southern College, while visiting Lakeland, Florida, back in February. Here’s my final post with images of the campus.

A network of esplanades was part of the original design and were built in the first phase of construction.

In the high heat of Florida summers, these are surely a welcome addition. These lead to the Polk County Science Building.

The Carter, Walbridge and Hawkins Seminar Buildings are also part of the initial phase of building.

A view of the other side of the Polk County Science Building.

The Roux Library and the water dome were included in the expansion of the original build.

The Watson-Fine Administration building , just to the left of the view in the last image.

I love when the buildings are signed.

A wider view, including the doorway.

If you turn away from the door, you can see the reflecting pool and the angular detail of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design.

A different view of the reflecting pool.

Lastly, a look down a long, partially-covered corridor leading away from the Watson-Fine Administration Building. It’s very reminiscent of the porch at Kentuck Knob, a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house in western Pennsylvania.

Once again, I definitely recommend a tour of the Florida Southern College campus if you are in the Lakeland area. Next time, we will definitely take the official tour so that we can see the insides of the buildings!

Happy trails!

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