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As previously mentioned, I am a Frank Lloyd Wright person. (You likely know at least one of us but you might not find out until he gets brought up in some way and then we won’t shut up about it!)

Click here for all mentions of Frank Lloyd Wright in the history of this website. These range from a series of posts from when I visited Florida Southern College to see so many FLW buildings at once to random mentions of products I would like and more.

However, that’s not the point of today’s post. I previously reviewed a email I received with suggestions on how I would edit it, and mentioned then that I would come back to write about the website itself. Here we go!

I’m not sure why, but all of the homepage banners on my screen appeared blurry, as if created at a smaller size than the window allows. This should be an easy enough fix.

I navigated to the tabletop sculptures page, and while I see the challenges with these items, I highly suggest that all of the product images be resized into a consistent size. This presentation is hard to shop and the overall scale of things is jarring.

The landing page for Office items is fairly straightforward, but I do struggle with the text presentation at the top. Great for SEO purposes, but I think the font could be bigger, especially for those on a desktop like I was using here. I checked this page on my phone and it is a better experience, but that should be able to be adjusted so that it is accessible and readable on multiple devices.

On to Garden Sculptures! My main issue here is the same as before, the inconsistent sizing of images making for a staggered look to the images and the text underneath them. I do think the inclusion of the garden journal here is nice, but the image is very blurry, which for an item that is presumably small is very strange. I am also reminded here of the product naming issue I was having in my post about the email. Product names = page titles on this website, so either that needs to be addressed in the actual product names, or the page titles need to be created separately from the short-form product name.

I’ve pasted 2 screenshots here to show differences in how the text content looks on product pages. This is definitely another area that should be consistent and appear the same. A specific format for how this text is created and presented should be developed and used throughout the site.

Consistent pieces of information should certainly be placed underneath the descriptive text at the top of this content section. Measurements should be presented clearly and consistently throughout, as should information on where the item is produced.

I’ve added two views of the footer here as the first is a bit small. I had this same issue with the email content. The “about us” appears to be this and only this. I have a problem with the first sentence, as I think that starting with the word “trusted” is odd. It should probably say: is your trusted source for design-inspired and Frank Lloyd Wright licensed products.

I also believe that there are some incorrect capitalizations in that sentence, which I have edited in my rewritten version. I very much appreciate the next sentence about the proceeds and where they go, but there is no link to get more information on the Trust and what it does! There is a website for the trust, so this is possibly the easiest thing to fix on all of

Regardless of the issues as I see as a brand experience enthusiast and longtime e-commerce professional, I do love the items available on I am (unsurprisingly) partial to the bird feeders, but I also really love the idea of getting the house numbers as well.

I hope to see updating their site content soon.

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Link Tank #32

by Jamie Sanford on March 4, 2016

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Fish at the Florida Aquarium. More on my visit there coming to the blog soon!

Shauna of Nubby Twiglet’s guide to NYC is great. There are a bunch of things in here that I need to check out.

A list of courses to take and articles to read to get your online marketing MBA, of a sort. I have been taking courses recently, and I think they are definitely worth the $25 a month in membership fees.

Have I shared this woodland wedding from Rock ‘n Roll Bride before? It’s gorgeous.

I love this list of 200 things to throw away. I know I’m not the only person constantly trying to identify things that don’t need to be clogging up my home.

This Ted talk on the case for paid maternity leave in the United States. We are behind the world by not having laws in place for paid maternity leave. It’s embarrassing that the US is supposed to be a leader in all things, but in certain areas, we are horrifically flawed.

A look inside the barn at the Bergen County Zoological Park.

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Instagram Roundup #120

by Jamie Sanford on March 4, 2015

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Lots of wintery images. This foam green house is on my way to the office.

Met up with the girls for dinner and merriment. I forgot to use the selfie stick that William bought me.

Rickety bridge on the way to the office.

I can’t resist the sunset photos either.

And another one.

I finally made it back to 41 Madison for a meeting, so naturally, a Flatiron image.

We are traveling soon so I will probably have a special edition post coming up in a few weeks.

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Instagram Roundup #100

by Jamie Sanford on August 22, 2014

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

My first Instagram photo was on July 7, 2011. 1901 photos later, I’m still really into Instagram.

I started these posts a while back, and so for #100, I’m sharing my top 20 favorite Instagram photos, so far.

Wow, the old iPhone camera was weak. Vegas vow renewal, 11-11-11.

David during a visit to his storage unit.

Me and a beluga whale. These creatures are magical and while having an absolute interaction with one at the Mystic Aquarium was super delightful, I now understand the error of my ways and feel guilty about going there. I will no longer give money to places that house captive whales or dolphins.

Triumphant moment at the drive-through ATM.

Feeding Randall the giraffe at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.

Sunflowers after the state fair.

William in one of the best aprons ever.

Experimenting as Batman in Target.

Flatiron, obviously.

Dinner in Savannah with Mom and Dad.

Collection of photobooth strips from Sara and James’ wedding.

Insane sunset in the Badlands.

Fun on the wine tour.

The best day for a little hike.

Birthday outing with Will and Pete.

My buddy Cooper and his giant ears.

A brief stay in the paradise of Bermuda.

Post-dinner group selfie. (I think I can’t do “ussie.”)

A new one, and already a favorite.

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Instagram Roundup #64

by Jamie Sanford on November 6, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Kind of crazy and blown out, and I love it. From my Halloween outing.

This was my Halloween Throwback Thursday image. I don’t know where that wig is, but I need to find it. Love the blue.

Fall! The colors everywhere are so perfect right now. I hope they hold on for the weekend so I can go out and properly enjoy them. Falling back is ruining my evenings!

I took this last week out of the back of a cab. Random fireworks while we were in heinous/expensive traffic.

Here I am crunching leaves with my feet. Because why not?

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