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I recently received another email asking “where did you go?” from ASOS. Let’s take a look.

This is really cute. It’s short and to the point, gives you the info on a 20% off coupon code right away, and then underneath, there are four buttons to choose from, to indicate what the reason might have been for your lack of shopping.

  • Nothing’s rocked my world enough to buy it
  • I’m broke
  • I got treated badly last time I shopped
  • ASOS who? I’d forgotten all about you

Naturally, I tried out all four buttons, because I wanted to see where they would take me. I am slightly disappointed in some of the results here. Please note that all four buttons sent me to the same product page, but with different messages.

This one is pretty straightforward, ASOS is pointing you to product you might have missed.

The “I’m broke” button doesn’t send you to the sale page?!? It’s a simple message promoting the ASOS Collection, but this is not the page for the ASOS Collection. A landing page with proper links to the ASOS Collection (and obviously also the sale page) would have been better here.

This one has a link, which makes the previous one that much more painful. This one is very direct, indicating that ASOS cares about your issue and wants to have you back as a customer, and reminds you to please contact Customer Care with any problems. And there’s a link to Customer Care! The previous landing page should have the same thing.

Another miss here? I cannot decide. If someone has forgotten, how are they getting this email? Were they not on the list before? Since I’m not certain how someone would have forgotten them and then still received and opened this email, I’m going to guess that it would be a good time to direct them to where they can control their email subscriptions, to make sure they are in the loop for product in which they are interested.

Overall, it’s a great idea. The playful nature of the different options is wonderful. As with most things, it would benefit from a bit more thought and planning.