ASOS Breaking Up With Paper Email | Brand Experience Project

by Jamie Sanford on February 26, 2020

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I have blogged about ASOS before, where I really loved the content within their product descriptions. I am so happy to be back again to talk about this excellent email that I just received from them.

Let’s take a look.

How cute is this email!?

I also love that this email came into my inbox on the day my latest order is arriving. This adds another level of excellence to this email—forethought! If this messaging had been hidden in the original order confirmation, it is incredibly unlikely that I would have seen it. The subject line for this was “Missing something from your ASOS order?” which is also a strong choice, because I opened it immediately, expecting that they were going to tell me that something had not been shipped. I was pleasantly surprised to find this friendly email with a positive, Earth-friendly update. As a company that uses multiple forms of transportation to move product, I appreciate that reducing their footprint cannot be easy, and any efforts are valuable.

In addition, I know that ASOS has the data on the return rate that comes along with their customer orders. I’m sure there is an expected balance between savings on paper and printer ink and perhaps additional customer service time for any shoppers who struggle with the return process becoming more customer-driven.

All in all, a winning move by ASOS, combined with an impressive communication strategy.


The only thing I do take issue with is the math. (If you aren’t interested in nitpicky stuff, you can move on. All of the marketing stuff is over.)

According to the encyclopedia, the biggest measured blue whale came in at approximately 200,000 pounds. (A blue whale is a baleen whale so the image above could represent a blue whale.)

320,000 kg = 705,479 pounds, so I’m guessing that we are talking about a currently-unconfirmed GIANT blue whale?

Please note that the average weight of either an Asian or African elephant fits into the appropriate range for ASOS’ math, so I don’t take issue with not identifying the specific type of elephant.

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Another short and sweet post, because I caught this while shopping recently and it made me giggle out loud, which cannot be said for many product pages on e-commerce websites.

I love this hat, but I love it even more with the snarky description about dry cleaning.

Welcome to adulthood! It is informative while also being a bit shady, in a way that also doesn’t feel judgmental. The best possible tone for any statement. Also completely relevant for the ASOS customer demographic.

Tweet me with your favorite examples of product pages with a side of humor.

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ASOS “We Miss You” Email | Brand Experience Project

by Jamie Sanford on October 2, 2015

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I recently received another email asking “where did you go?” from ASOS. Let’s take a look.

This is really cute. It’s short and to the point, gives you the info on a 20% off coupon code right away, and then underneath, there are four buttons to choose from, to indicate what the reason might have been for your lack of shopping.

  • Nothing’s rocked my world enough to buy it
  • I’m broke
  • I got treated badly last time I shopped
  • ASOS who? I’d forgotten all about you

Naturally, I tried out all four buttons, because I wanted to see where they would take me. I am slightly disappointed in some of the results here. Please note that all four buttons sent me to the same product page, but with different messages.

This one is pretty straightforward, ASOS is pointing you to product you might have missed.

The “I’m broke” button doesn’t send you to the sale page?!? It’s a simple message promoting the ASOS Collection, but this is not the page for the ASOS Collection. A landing page with proper links to the ASOS Collection (and obviously also the sale page) would have been better here.

This one has a link, which makes the previous one that much more painful. This one is very direct, indicating that ASOS cares about your issue and wants to have you back as a customer, and reminds you to please contact Customer Care with any problems. And there’s a link to Customer Care! The previous landing page should have the same thing.

Another miss here? I cannot decide. If someone has forgotten, how are they getting this email? Were they not on the list before? Since I’m not certain how someone would have forgotten them and then still received and opened this email, I’m going to guess that it would be a good time to direct them to where they can control their email subscriptions, to make sure they are in the loop for product in which they are interested.

Overall, it’s a great idea. The playful nature of the different options is wonderful. As with most things, it would benefit from a bit more thought and planning.


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Plus-Size Perplexity #1: Pants

by Jamie Sanford on April 10, 2014

As the owner of a plus-size body, there are limitations to where I can shop. As if this were not frustrating enough, I have run across issues within the stores apparently catering to this under-served category of shoppers, and I am hoping to examine them here. It would be great to have a discussion about my issues with those making the clothes, but I’ll be happy to start a comment discussion for now.


I have an office job. I have to be in something deemed “business casual” 4 days a week. This means no jeans, no t-shirts, none of that until Friday. Until recently, I wore pants about 99% of the time to work. In the past year or so I have drifted to wearing dresses a lot more, which has been a nice change. However, I wear black leggings under my dresses, and we’re getting to the point in the year where it will be warmer, and so leggings won’t be the first item I reach for. I take stock in what’s in the closet and decide that I need to buy some new pants.

The example I will use below is at Torrid, where I shop quite a bit. However, the problems I see here are systemic within the plus-size shopping arena.

Here is the result under the category Bottoms, subcategory Pants.

What the hell? Why isn’t there a single pair of pants in a boot-cut that are not black? If I like to wear pants and I like to shop at Torrid, and I don’t want a pair of skinny-cut pants, I am just out of luck. Am I supposed to shrink into the corner and wear my black boot-cut pants and be grateful for them? That’s crap. The ikat print “soft pants” are cute, but they look like pajamas. I can’t wear those to work – but I would definitely be interested in a more structured pant in the same print. There are a few colors of sateen skinny pants, and while the shininess is suspect, I would definitely try those on in a non-skinny version.

I had a dark moment where I tried on skinny pants, and they are not for me. Also, I do not subscribe to the idea that leggings count as pants. They don’t. You might get a pass for wearing them with a long top, but it needs to be long, like to your knees.

Is the problem that I am not empowered enough? I certainly have an IDGAF attitude about many things, but I’m still not going to wear something I don’t feel comfortable in, so I won’t be deciding that leggings and a crop top are for me. I am not hating at all on people who pull it off (I mean come on, Gabi looks ridiculously good), but I am not there. And I KNOW I am not alone.

I have been searching anywhere and everywhere to look at the results for plus-size pants, and this is where we are. This Torrid selection is a pretty accurate representation of how things are going. Lane Bryant seems to offer up more wide-leg pants (one pair even in a white pinstripe OOOOH), but still, not a big collection of pants in other cuts and pattern choices.

SimplyBe is moderately better? They have bootcut work-appropriate pants in grey, black and navy, which is super generous. What hurts more is that the bone they throw out with them are SALMON JEGGINGS.

Look at that waistline and tell me it doesn’t scream “sexy.”

Old Navy, who I generally avoid after they decided they didn’t want plus-size women in the store anymore, offers some basic boot-cut khakis, in—you guessed it—black, navy, and khaki. They also have some color and print in something called “ankle pants” which I suspect are skinny pants just made shorter, and also would probably not be work-appropriate. Why not take the same printed fabric and make the boot-cut pants out of it? I do not understand how this all works.

ASOS, who I love and have been shopping a LOT, also has trouble in this area. Leggings and skinny pants, and more of these flowy fabrics that are just not what I’m looking for. I also found this daisy printed pair, which is eliminated partly because I had a very similar print in a dress from Wet Seal, 100 years ago.

Speaking of Wet Seal, they’ve added plus sizes and hilariously, 20 years later, they will still sell me daisy print, this time in leggings.

I would maybe rock these under a black dress. Maybe.

So, that’s it for me, for now. I’m guessing the plus-size lovers of leggings and skinny pants are thrilled at the current state of things, but I am totally not. I really wish I had the ability to make my own clothing, because I would be breaking out some fun pants in a cut that works for me, and wearing them with one of my 348 black tops.

(It’s not really 348, but it is really hard to find things in my closet because of all of the black tops. It’s a problem I’ve created for myself.)

I have not talked much about this dilemma before, but since I keep my Brand Experience posts to Thursdays, it seemed appropriate to be included here. I am interested to learn more about plus-size brands, who designs for them, and what influences the decisions on what gets made.

I am really interested in hearing from anyone reading on their thoughts or experiences.


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Instagram Roundup #39

by Jamie Sanford on May 8, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Back again!

Spring springing all over the place, and for 2 weeks it is super lovely. Then the flowers vanish and summer is inevitable.

Tourmalinated quartz! This ring was a Christmas present from Will, I love it.

This is the fakest stuff on earth, but it does really smell like maple syrup.

Mom brought Wispa bars from England!

Throwback Thursday was this picture of a picture I took while in Florida. This is David and I at the end of our freshman year of high school. 18 years ago. Oy.

Back at the surgeon’s office, I got my stitches out!

Signs that I am uninterested in growing up include this top, since the little stars make up a triumphant unicorn with wings. Thanks ASOS for creating such lovely things.

Hibachi date on Saturday night! We got to join in on Aunt Betty’s 91st birthday party, which was a RAGER.


This is my husband. I didn’t see him yesterday before I left in the morning, so I didn’t get to see this outfit until he was walking towards me in the parking lot at the bus dropoff, and damn! He looked super hot. You can’t see it here but it is a button-down shirt with the blue sweater on top, and it was all fitted and my husband looked damn good.

I know I am biased, but I feel awesome about the fact that after 13 years together (married about 6 1/2 of those), I still get moments like that.

TIME TO SHAKE THE WORLD. I really need to get down with this message.

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