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Another short and sweet post, because I caught this while shopping recently and it made me giggle out loud, which cannot be said for many product pages on e-commerce websites.

I love this hat, but I love it even more with the snarky description about dry cleaning.

Welcome to adulthood! It is informative while also being a bit shady, in a way that also doesn’t feel judgmental. The best possible tone for any statement. Also completely relevant for the ASOS customer demographic.

Tweet me with your favorite examples of product pages with a side of humor.

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Sights & Sounds #2

by Jamie Sanford on February 13, 2011

Sights and sounds for this week!

First up, the audio recording of the big Glee halftime number. No, not the terrible halftime show on the actual Superbowl, the superior one that was put on later on Glee.  That show has been a little up and down but that number was STELLAR.  It’s a mashup of “Thriller” and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Heads Will Roll” and I really enjoyed it.

[youtube QcxWnBryoJQ]

You can watch the full post-Superbowl episode of Glee here.

Speaking of Glee, Amber Riley looks fierce in this photo from Essence!

I really enjoyed Adele’s first album, and you can listen to her new album in full on NPR.

[youtube tM3s37fZZts]

Outtakes from the Mini Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial! I love that kid so much.

[youtube kAG39jKi0lI]

My Uncle John sent me this video. Seeing as me and my Blackberry are always in a fight these days, I enjoyed it.

These kinds of things always make me feel better about myself in pictures.  This does look like less work than I’ve seen on other people though.

Grammys are on on tonight! I’m excited to see Lady Gaga perform her new song:

[youtube E2_U9ulJWQ]

Have a good week everyone!

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Guest Post: WeSC Les Bras Duvet Cover Set.

by Jamie Sanford on July 30, 2010

(Today’s guest post was contributed by Kelly Kreth. I “met” Kelly online around 10 years ago, and since then she’s made me jewelry, she’s been the subject of one of the best photos I’ve ever taken, and thoroughly kicked my ass in Facebook Scrabble.  Check out her new blog which explores optimism and pessimism with great humor and frankness.)

I like home decor with a sense of humor. So when I saw this duvet set that has not only style and substance, but also a keen sense of humor, I immediately coveted the cover. The WeSC Dans Les Bras Duvet Cover Set is made of organic cotton, is machine washable, fits any size comforter and comes with two pillow shams. In simple, yet chic, black and white, it features a drawing of a woman at rest laying face down on a bed. The pillowcases add an extra wink to the duvet’s nod by giving the cheeky message: “Das Les Bans De Morphée ” which means “In the arms of Morpheus (referring to sleep). Quelle witty!

Clearly the French are better in bed–Ooohhlala!


Designed for WeSc by the ever-inspirational graffiti artist, Mode 2 – who focuses much of his attention on the female shape in many forms – this duvet cover set features a sketched design at the front of the duvet cover and a sleepy French message at the pillowcases.

Pre-order for its August 8th arrival. It is only available online and is priced at $148.

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Awkward Family Photos – the book

by Jamie Sanford on May 6, 2010

Add this to the list of blogs you should be reading.

Awkward Family Photos.  Read on and giggle.

Anyway, like all good blogs that I read, this one has a new book.

The book is available now for a mere $9.00 from Amazon.

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I <3 JibJab.

by Jamie Sanford on May 5, 2010

JibJab has done it again, this time, it is an abridged version of The Empire Strikes Back, starring myself, my husband, my brother and one of my closest friends.

Click here to make your own JibJab video.

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