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This is going to be backwards, since I usually would go through a website experience first, and then talk about the packaging of my order, but I’m working in reverse. I’m sure no one will mind, this is a win.

I am a loyal Vans customer, I have owned many pairs of Vans over the years and am generally devastated when I get to the point where I have worn my shoes out and need to part with them. (RIP, gemstone-printed Vans that got caught in the mud at the hot air balloon festival. I will miss you forever.) My trusty current pair of Authentics are getting a bit sad, so I went online to buy a new pair before an upcoming trip we have planned.

I am not really into Star Wars, but I totally ordered Star Wars Eras (Star Wars Eras can be found here for $24 less than the $60 I paid). I am drawn to black and white everything, and so these were the ones that captured my fancy. When they arrived, I got a nice surprise, not unlike this one from MAC a while ago.

Let’s get into the packaging.

The box isn’t custom, but the size and shape does seem pretty specific to Vans products. The tape on the box is customized, which I still think is a great way to brand a box without incurring huge charges for creating custom boxes in multiple sizes.

The invoice isn’t folded or in an envelope, but it was placed pretty perfectly in the box.

This is where it gets good. It turns out that the Star Wars shoes have customized boxes! I’m not even that into Star Wars (blasphemy for some, I know) but this is GREAT. So much fun.

The other side of the box. Side note, why are we seeing a TM on “May The Force Be With You” but there is no apparent registration mark on the Star Wars logo? Is it hiding? I’m a stickler for consistency with these marks and I find this strange.

Box interior – my shoes are separated so as not to scuff its match.

The traditional Vans label paired with the Star Wars tag.

Stormtrooper detail.

The back of the Star Wars tag.

All in all, a simple but effective packaging from, but definitely bonus points for the customized Star Wars box that will DEFINITELY be hanging out in my closet and will make me smile on a regular basis. I don’t know how much more of a branding win I can express than that. Great job Vans!

I will return soon with a review of and a special feature on the custom Vans tool.