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by Jamie Sanford on October 31, 2016

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I will stop at Hershey’s Chocolate World if I am ANYWHERE in the vicinity of Hershey, Pennsylvania. This also means that William has visited a BUNCH of times as well – I have made him ride the chocolate tour ride every time. I am a complete sucker for that experience, anything where I’m sitting in a moving car, waiting to see what will be next, when the car will turn and move, I absolutely love it. It totally turns me into a kid again.

It smells like chocolate. Outdoors.

Photo ops everywhere.

They do not miss an opportunity to make things shaped like Hershey’s kisses.


Hershey has a rich history.

During the chocolate tour ride, you get to go through the entire chocolate making process, with the addition of singing cows!

Then you get to the most amazing chocolate shopping.

This store is ENORMOUS.

There are areas of the store devoted to all of the iconic Hershey products. Apparel, housewares, and of course, tons of chocolate and candy.

Do you need the world’s largest anything? You’re all set.

I don’t know where I would have put one of these, but they are charming.

Reese’s products are a weakness. I think I have an actual physical response to this orange color.

So much peanut buttery goodness.

One of the most interesting things in the Hershey’s Chocolate World store is that it turns out that Hershey manufactures SO MANY brands, including many I haven’t heard of, like Scharffen Berger.

I’d be interested to know how long it took Hershey to start selling branded components of products, like Mounds coconut shreds.

7 pounds of chocolate syrup! This has to only be for industrial purchasing, right? Also, it is NOT $9.95, this item is placed in the wrong spot.

They also had a number of new products in the store.

There’s a giant bar of gravity-fed individually sized candies, so you can make a mix and match bag of your favorites. It is very large and very beautiful.

It was a sweet day indeed.

If you are anywhere near the Hershey area, I recommend a stop at Hershey’s Chocolate World. The visit is free, as is the chocolate tour – but I can make no assumptions that you would be able to escape without buying chocolate and/or candy on the way out. If nothing else, you can stop in the mini food court to get a milkshake!

Happy trails!

Hilton Hotels

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I joined Gilt as soon as I heard about it. It was early in the flash sales game, and offered a lot of high-end brands, which was attractive.

Admittedly, I mostly do not read their emails anymore. My dollars to be spent online go further at some of their competitors. However, I received this email recently and had to share, because it is such a nice way to invite me to come back and start shopping with them again.

The image of this email is quite big for the best viewing experience. See you at the bottom!

Lovely, right? Let’s break it down.


  • Throwback to the Tarina Tarantino ring! I still have it.
  • Recognition of my apparently early joiner status
  • Coupon code


  • Coupon code is limited, which irritates me for a private offer. This is a personalized email, and I assume it is created as a template and is launched out to customers at certain intervals. Why limit the discount to $50? I would prefer that the discount be placed on a single item and given no limit than randomly limited to “you can only have 20% off if you are spending $250 or less.”
  • After telling me about the great brands I have “missed” – why not name a few? This email is supposed to make me want to come back for more.
  • I’d love to see something about hot deals you missed. A while back, I saw Prada shoes on another flash site, marked down to $69. I almost wept on the spot when they weren’t in my size, and I have told other people to sign up for this other site, citing this insane deal. The nature of this email is such that I think touting the greatness of the site can show real value and create excitement for the customer.

Overall, great idea – and I’m interested in the clickthrough rate and purchase rate with that coupon code. As with anything, I do think it could be improved, but the basic premise is a great move from the Gilt team.


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I’m a witch!

by Jamie Sanford on May 16, 2012

First of all, how fabulous is that font in the banner? So fun.

This explains a lot about my Halloween costume choices.

I have sort of mentioned before that I’ve been on a jaunt through Ancestry.com for a while. I was inspired by the television show Who Do You Think You Are? which airs on on NBC on Fridays. I have watched multiple celebrities travel throughout the world to explore information about their family history. I was also presented with some unfortunate photographs of what appeared to be a Sanford family member attending a KKK rally, which I determined was a large gathering of KKK members in the 1920s in Washington, DC. Interested in finding out who in my family was associated with this, I started putting a family tree together. (I still have no confirmation on who it was, only that it is possible that it is one of my Dad’s uncles.)

I had known for years that Thomas Sanford was the first in my line to come to the United States from England, in the 1600s. I will have more about Thomas in a future post about my recent trip to Milford, Connecticut. However, in the meantime, I found out while reading more about Thomas’ siblings that I’m related to an accused witch!

Andrew Sanford and his wife, Mary Sanford (whose maiden name has remained a mystery) were living in Hartford, Connecticut, in the mid-1600s, and both were accused of witchcraft! Andrew was apparently never fully indicted, but his wife, my 9th great grand-aunt, was convicted and hanged. I mentioned this on Facebook, and someone said “oh that’s cool even though it wasn’t in Salem.” My response was that this took place 30ish years BEFORE the famed witch trials in Salem, so my family members are OG witches.

There is a lot of information floating around about Andrew and Mary, googling their names plus “witch” or “witchcraft” turns up quite a few results. However, I came across a journal article entitled “New England’s Other Witch Hunt” (click to download the PDF) which is all about the Connecticut witch trials that took place in the mid-1600s, before the Salem business. I highly recommend checking out the article. As I dig more up on this, I will probably write about it again. Needless to say, this is probably the best thing I have found while doing all of this family history business. While very sad for Mary and Andrew, I am impressed that my family is so strongly attached to an event in US history.

More to come soon.

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