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I joined Gilt as soon as I heard about it. It was early in the flash sales game, and offered a lot of high-end brands, which was attractive.

Admittedly, I mostly do not read their emails anymore. My dollars to be spent online go further at some of their competitors. However, I received this email recently and had to share, because it is such a nice way to invite me to come back and start shopping with them again.

The image of this email is quite big for the best viewing experience. See you at the bottom!

Lovely, right? Let’s break it down.


  • Throwback to the Tarina Tarantino ring! I still have it.
  • Recognition of my apparently early joiner status
  • Coupon code


  • Coupon code is limited, which irritates me for a private offer. This is a personalized email, and I assume it is created as a template and is launched out to customers at certain intervals. Why limit the discount to $50? I would prefer that the discount be placed on a single item and given no limit than randomly limited to “you can only have 20% off if you are spending $250 or less.”
  • After telling me about the great brands I have “missed” – why not name a few? This email is supposed to make me want to come back for more.
  • I’d love to see something about hot deals you missed. A while back, I saw Prada shoes on another flash site, marked down to $69. I almost wept on the spot when they weren’t in my size, and I have told other people to sign up for this other site, citing this insane deal. The nature of this email is such that I think touting the greatness of the site can show real value and create excitement for the customer.

Overall, great idea – and I’m interested in the clickthrough rate and purchase rate with that coupon code. As with anything, I do think it could be improved, but the basic premise is a great move from the Gilt team.