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More Florida tips from me. The love is real!

If you are anywhere near Tarpon Springs, Florida, you need to go to the Sponge Docks. I recommend going mid-day, getting a snack, maybe taking a little dolphin viewing cruise, and then come back and have dinner at one of the absolutely incredible Greek restaurants, the best available in the state, and maybe the country. Tarpon Springs has the highest percentage of Greek American residents in the United States, and the Sponge Docks is home to multiple Greek restaurants. All of the ones I have been to are amazing, but Hellas is my favorite. (I will talk about Hellas specifically in an upcoming post.)

Anyway, we visited one night before Christmas, and stopped in at the Greek Islands gift shop, a tribute to Florida, kitsch, and Greece.

We spent at least 15 minutes in here.

Shells, all over the place.

For all of your decorative pirate ship needs.

It’s a little bit NJ shore house, a little bit grandma’s porch.

I should have gotten one of the blowfish for my Christmas tree. Note: they are very sharp.

Rows upon rows of Floridian treasures.

You can see some of the famous local sponges at the bottom here.

I highly recommend a stop at the Greek Islands Gift Shop, and Tarpon Springs in general. It is charming and worth the trip.

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