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Another email today, but I want to talk about both the email itself, and the action that Ulta has taken here. Take a look at the email and let’s discuss.

OK, here we go.


I love this email’s design. I love a good combination of fonts and recognize the ability to do that is a skill that not everyone has. The color scheme is very on-brand for Ulta, and I find the email to have the perfect balance of images paired with what is approaching too much text. I’ll give them a pass because it is an important message.


I have not received too many “we are forcing a password change on you” emails, and the feeling I have is a mixture of “thanks” and also “wait, is there a reason for this that you aren’t telling me?”

This is certainly a  good way for an e-commerce site that stores credit card data to proactively try and prevent themselves from being involved in any password scandals that can result from people using the same password for everything.

I am naturally suspicious though, so my first thought was that something already happened and they came up with a brilliant way to spin that they changed everyone’s passwords.

Have you received a forced password change from any other e-commerce sites you shop on? Tweet me about it.