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I will be back in a few weeks with full brand explorations, but this week I wanted to acknowledge and discuss a sale from earlier this year at The Body Shop.

I received this email on April 19, at 11pm. I don’t remember if The Body Shop has done this in the past, but it really is taking the cannabis culture celebration of 4/20 to a wonderful place.

I started using Hemp products from The Body Shop somewhere in 1999-2001, after being exposed to the Hemp Hand Protector. It’s super moisturizing, and I love the smell, although I’m sure it isn’t for everyone. The hand protector retails regularly for $20, so a 4 items for $20 special was INSANE and I could not resist.  I purchased 2 hemp lip balms, 3 hemp hand protectors, 1 hemp hand wash, 1 hemp foot protector, and 1 hemp hand oil. I got all 8 items for $40, which is a truly hot deal.

Here’s the brand experience question about this event. Do you think The Body Shop took a chance by embracing the obvious connection to the celebration of 4/20? I’m sure there are people who would see this and be turned off because they are anti-drug. The same path could lead me to think that maybe they would not immediately get this reference and skip over the email.

The hemp branding on the packaging isn’t exactly hiding the connection, so if you know what a marijuana plant looks like, putting the pieces together isn’t too tricky. Maybe The Body Shop decided they didn’t care about this a long time ago. You can click reference to buy medical marijuana here.

For me as a customer, I see this as genius, because I get a kick out of the idea behind the sale. Also, I received 75% off on products that I love, so it was that much better.

What do you think of this sale event and the possible repercussions? Let me know in the comments.