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by Jamie Sanford on February 24, 2015

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A quick post today, an unfortunate experience that turned out alright (ish) in the end, but highlights a major problem with the fulfillment process.

So, instead of using a service with templates to create my holiday card, I create an image using Photoshop, and then order the image as photo prints. Not only is this more cost effective, but I’m able to make the exact card I would like. This year’s was full of Instagram images.

I utilized Snapfish for this order because they had a great sale on prints, and I was excited for the discount as I was ordering quite a few prints. I uploaded the file and saw that my preview looked great, as seen below. I love the preview feature, it gives a great sense of confidence on how my item will look when I receive it. The Flickr Wall Art experience also had a preview feature that I appreciated.

Unfortunately, the resulting item looked like this (photo from my Instagram):

As you can see, the left side is completely cut off! A complete miss in quality control on the part of Snapfish. I could not believe that my prints had been shipped this way, and am also very shocked that no one at Snapfish is pulling my prints, comparing them to the preview I was shown, and then shipping them out once they have been identified as acceptable.

Naturally, I took this up with Snapfish. I joked about it on Instagram in a less-than-friendly way (full disclosure!), but I knew that I was at the point where I would have to re-order and that my cards would be late. To their credit, I received a lovely  response on Twitter from the Snapfish people, and reached out to them via live chat on their website around the same time. I commend them for being on top of it, because I quickly was awarded a credit to my account to order new prints.

In hindsight, I think I should have received a free shipping upgrade as well, because I ended up not receiving my holiday cards (which were properly cropped) until December 18th. Many in the US arrived without delay, but I send quite a few to other countries, and they ended up being delivered after Christmas.

I am pleased with the responses I received from Snapfish after the fact, but the obvious problem is that there was such a major disconnect between the preview I was shown on their site and the product I received in my first shipment. I would suggest that Snapfish revisit the online tool, or their printing/fulfillment process to rectify this problem for future customers.


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Instagram Roundup #60

by Jamie Sanford on October 9, 2013

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My issue of Rock ‘n Roll Bride magazine came! I read so much wedding stuff for work, but Kat manages to keep putting out quality, original content about weddings, wedding planning, and the lot. She brings her personality in a big way and it is definitely why she is so successful.

I saw this random abandoned toilet on my way to work.

The curls aren’t perfect, but I made them with the flat iron! Also, I have am ombre thing going on. I like it, but my hair didn’t like being bleached. It will be back to it’s normal color soon enough. Unless I decide to color the ends a different color first.

This was a brand-new bank that was built in the last year or so in the parking lot of a shopping center near my house. It never opened, and then they tore it down. Weird.

We had crazy thunderstorms, and the light afterwards was beautiful and pink. I hope fall is here to stay now.

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Instagram Roundup #43

by Jamie Sanford on June 5, 2013

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Look at the price on these Miu Miu Oxfords, which were featured in my 2012 Birthday Wishlist. I actually gasped when I saw the price, without any sort of dramatic intentions. I was DEVASTATED that they were in the wrong size and already waitlisted.

I’m still exploring new products from the beauty bag I won at Kelly’s Lyme-Aid event. This Body & Boudoir Spray by Naked Princess smells absolutely delicious.

I haven’t used it, but this limited edition Midnight Massage Bar by Lush is shaped like one of Salvador Dali’s melting clocks, and smells divine. My whole linen closet is perfumed.

Wearing Dragon by A England again. I have completely fallen off of the polish obsession, and so now I just want polishes that won’t give me a ton of trouble when I’m applying them. A Englands never let me down. I am contemplating trying to sell off my entire nail polish collection except this brand.

WTF. Police activity at the office on Friday. Apparently there’s a teenage drug ring that needed busting in the little town my office is in.

I got an old 20 the other day. It looks so weird! (Yes, it’s on top of my Spice World DVD. What.)

Fun travel Instagrams in 2 weeks. Next week is a special edition.

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Instagram Roundup #34

by Jamie Sanford on April 3, 2013

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Will knew I had been a bit stressed lately. He bought me this lovely band to let me know he was proud, and he knows I love sparkly things. The band goes perfectly with this amethyst ring he bought for me a few Christmases ago.

Spring is trying like hell to spring, but it is still pretty cold here. Here’s hoping for a warmer weekend.

I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead a while back and finally bought a juicer recently. While I have not committed to a full juice fast/reboot, I am trying to juice 2 meals a day to kind of work up to it. I have been feeling hungry by the end of the day, but the entire day goes by without feeling it much at all. I have been definitely inspired by the Juicy Queens, Azraea and Leopolitan, who are doing a 60-day juicing stretch! I made this sign for my desk at work with the Keep Calm generator.

I want this station wagon.

The Dreaming Tree is one of my favorite songs. I had never tried the wine, and unfortunately, I probably won’t ever try it again.

We went hunting for some Brazilian food items on Saturday, and found lots of interesting items.

This did not smell delicious.

I RARELY cook, but receiving soup crocks from Nan (delivered by Dad) made me want some French Onion Soup. So, on Saturday night, I took something like 3 hours to make the soup. It was nuts! Super delicious results though. I’m planning on a much easier cream of mushroom soup for this week. It’s going to be too hot for soup soon enough.

Have a good week!

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Instagram Roundup #22

by Jamie Sanford on January 12, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Late this week, I’m a bit out of commission.

Saved all of Will’s bottle caps from vacation.

My bangs continue to be bangin’. These are the best bangs ever. I got them from Kristy at Shear Wonders salon in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Finally went to see Les Miserables. Having been an insane fan of the musical, this was a must-see. I mostly loved it.

Another night of emergency vehicles in my parking lot. This time they came and went within like 10 minutes.

Doodlegram. I drew this while making my MRI appointment.

Will made this grilled cheese. It is perfect. More so because he also MADE THE BREAD. He is awesome.

Saw this in the Noritake archives at the office. It might be antique, or something that was just a sample and was never mass produced. Either way, I totally want the set to go with the deer theme in my house. Look at the handles!

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