Greener Grass Design Shopping

by Jamie Sanford on September 29, 2011

Greener Grass Design Shopping

Today I’m featuring some items from Greener Grass Design, a great online shop based in Houston. I bookmarked the site a while back and finally got to go through and pick out some of my favorites.

Key Bottle Opener, $14. Since I also love the Utilikey, I can definitely get behind this sneaky key bottle opener.  More things should be available as sneaky keys.

Speaking of drinking, check out this beautiful wine rack.  (My current issues with wine racks though is that I use a wine refrigerator, and I think it is much preferred, but I can’t resist the look of a great wine rack.)  Grape Wine Rack, available for $160 from Greener Grass Design.

Another key item, this time a little 4GB USB drive. It will be tricky to get it on my keychain but I would try.  The Cle USB is available from Greener Grass Design for $54.

This is awesome! Who doesn’t need a big heavy roller skate as a bookend/doorstop/art piece? This chrome roller skate is available for $190 from Greener Grass Design.

What items do you like from Greener Grass Design? Check out their site and leave a note in the comments!

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iPhone Photo Prints – Printstagram Miniprints Product Review

I wish I remembered how I was introduced to the Printstagram service, but as soon as I saw it, I was really excited, as I have been all over Instagram since I got my iPhone.  (Follow my photos on Twitter here.) Since I have loved Polaroid for a long time (I have at least 2 Polaroid cameras and am hoarding the film I have left), I was excited at the prospect of taking my cute Instagram photos and getting hard copies of them, so I ordered the Printstagram miniprints.  Also, they look totally cute in the picture above.

My main issue with Printstagram at this point is the speed of shipping and lack of shipping options.  I ordered and paid $6 for shipping to a US address.  I ordered on July 29th, and received my prints on August 15th.  The Printstagram website does warn that orders take 2-3 weeks, but I think it’s unreasonable to not offer expedited service if someone is willing to pay for it.  I’m assuming that Printstagram will be working on additional options in the near future.  They are shipping product from China, so I can imagine that expedited shipping will be pricey.

Here’s a shot of my little box of 48 Printstagram miniprints.  The quality of these is not exactly what I expected – but I spent part of yesterday scanning over 100 Polaroids from my own collection, so the feel of Polaroids was fresh in my mind.  These are solid and matte, as they are simply printed cards.  It’s not shown here, but the back looks like a Polaroid, in shades of gray, which is a really nice touch from Printstagram for the miniprints.  The stock quality is quite good, they are stiff and should hold up to some abuse, and the colors look very true to the original photos.

Here’s a photo I took of some of the prints, with a regular-sized Sharpie next to them so you can get an idea of scale.  While there are pictures that can be used for scale on the Printstagram website, I still was a bit surprised by the smallness of the prints.  I can’t blame anyone else for that but myself though.

Overall, I do still wish that I had received these faster, but I am very happy with what I received.  Printstagram also offers other products including a poster, stickers, minibooks and tinybooks.  They are all very cute but they will all take a few weeks to arrive.

What I would like to do now is to try a number of other Instagram printing services – I am especially intrigued by Artflakes and Instamaker, so I’ll have to try those next.

My set of 48 miniprints from Printstagram cost $12 + $6 shipping.

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Northern Leather Items

by Jamie Sanford on May 13, 2011

Northern Leather is an Etsy seller based in Ontario.  I’m excited about this find because 1, I really like leather and 2, I like the idea of buying from an individual creating high-quality items.  All of these pieces look expensive, and yet I don’t think any of them are cost-prohibitive.

The Oak Leaf Western Belt from Northern Leather is available for $65 – different sizes can be ordered on an individual basis.

Product description:

Cut and crafted from the finest 9 oz. vegetable tanned leather, chosen for it’s unique grain pattern. Hand dyed an antique black color which highlights the embossing and unique grain pattern of the leather. Polished to a glowing finish with a waxed top coat to protect the leather. Edges are burnished smooth, and borders are all pattern embossed.

This piece is adorned with five bevel conchos along it’s length giving it special detail and adding to it’s western theme.

Measures 1.5 inches wide, and features a heavy antique nickel silver “wave” buckle, with embossed keeper. Removable screw posts are incorporated, so that a different buckle can be used as well, making this belt very versatile.

Leather for the whole family, the Little Stud Collar is available for $25 from Northern Leather.

This black studded leather dog collar is a smaller size. It is finished in a smooth glossy black, and features 3 – .5 inch studs. It is .75 inches wide, and fits a 13-16 inch neck. It has a nickel silver buckle, and a generous sized nickel silver D ring designed to accept tags and leashes.

This is the Ancient Celtic Knotwork cuff, which is available for $48 from Etsy merchant Northern Leather.

This is my personal favorite, I would definitely wear this.

Cut and crafted from the finest heavy 9oz. vegetable tanned leather, chosen for it’s grain pattern which features unique scarring and range marks. Hand dyed a rich antique black color, that gives it a cool vintage look. It was then treated with a wax top coat to enhance and protect the finish.

The highlight of this piece is the solid and thick metal endless knot pattern front and center which is surrounded by intricate embossed knot work patterns in the leather.

Fastens securely with two nickel silver dome snaps. 2.25 inches wide, and fits wrists 7 & 8 inches and under with two dome snap adjustments.

There are many more great leather items over at Northern Leather on Etsy, go check it out now.

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Blog Recommendation: Swagger 360

by Jamie Sanford on March 16, 2011

Today’s site recommendation is a fabulous style blog that I’ve been following for a while, Swagger 360. Brought to us by Karl Edwin Guerre, the focus is largely on men’s style, with women (generally) featured in posts focusing on details such as shoes or accessories. The “Sick Shoe Game” posts are probably my favorite, but I enjoy everything I’ve seen on the blog. I’ve been meaning to feature the blog on my site for a while, but was especially wanting to do so today, since watching this fantastic short film covering Guerre and Swagger 360 in Paris during fashion week. It provides a fantastic view of Guerre’s thought process and follows him while he shoots.

Watch the film here.



Swagger 360 interview with Karl Edwin Guerre during fashion week in Paris from olivierlalin on Vimeo.


Go subscribe to Swagger 360 now.

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2010 Recap – Technology, Food & Drink

by Jamie Sanford on January 1, 2011

Obsession with Twitter and Facebook continued and deepened. Enjoyed other things like Manage Flitter, FourSquare and MailChimp.

Twitter Profile 12-31-10

Twitter Profile 12-31-10

Food & Drink
Arizona Diet Green Tea, Noodles, White Russians, Mom’s Eggplant Parm, Stove Top Stuffing, Thanksgiving x 2. Meal of the year goes to dinner at Bern’s in Tampa, in September. Had 2 disappointing meals to celebrate milestones at restaurants that were great in the past but now sort of suck.

White Russian

Terrible Blackberry photo of my New Year's Eve White Russian.

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