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The Flatiron Room | In My Travels

by Jamie Sanford on May 30, 2016

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A few weeks ago, our friends Jessica and Cory were in town, and so we planned an evening out. After a great suggestion from Brian, the six of us ended up at The Flatiron Room. It did not disappoint.

We chose this location via text on the day we went, a Monday. Perhaps that was a lucky choice, because when Brian and David arrived before the rest of us, they managed to get us a private-ish booth with curtains, featuring a taxidermied owl that was giving some Hedwig realness.

It was very very dark.

Here’s our in-booth owl!

This menu is full of delights.

We managed to arrive at the tail end of happy hour. We immediately got to ordering cocktails before the window closed, and also ordered the happy hour flatbreads as well. (I had a Blackberry Gimlet, it was delicious.)

In addition to incredible atmosphere, there was live bluegrass! We could not see the stage from our VIP booth (not confirmed that this is a VIP area, but we enjoyed thinking it), but we could hear it. Best of all, we could hear the music and still speak to one another, the perfect mix for a group of friends who don’t see one another often and are hoping to catch up a bit.

Here is the view looking out of the booth (you can see the curtains), you can see a tiny bit of the stage on the right.

After our first round, we moved on to more drinks, and decided to order more food as well. The share menu is varied and has some wonderful treats. We ordered the turkey meatballs, pork belly, bone marrow, macaroni and cheese, warm pear and bleu cheese salad, and a cheese board. Favorites were the bone marrow, the salad, and the cheese board.

While we did not partake, we did learn about the Flatiron Room’s Bottle Keep service. Essentially, if you buy a bottle of whiskey, and do not finish it, you can store it for life in the Bottle Keep, returning whenever you’d like to revisit your bottle. They also give you a few “entitlement cards” which you can share with family or friends, so that they can partake in your bottle when they visit The Flatiron Room.

Here are a few more images of The Flatiron Room.

I highly recommend a visit to the Flatiron Room if you are in New York. Do not expect to be lucky like we were, and make reservations for a table in advance.


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Missing The Mark #3 | NY DMV

by Jamie Sanford on April 1, 2015

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I have been told recently that my use of a GPS Device (a Garmin) is ridiculous since my phone has a map functionality. (I bought a new car last year that has a lot of phone integration but not a big navigation screen.)

I should have listened to myself and kept using it, since I managed to get a ticket in NYC last week for using my phone to access the map while driving. I should have stuck to the Garmin.

Anyway, I accept that the officer was uninterested in the fact that I showed him the map, so I ended up with the ticket. It is OK, I accept the ticket and will totally pay it and not use my phone as a map in the car anymore.

This is where it goes downhill. I received the ticket in the morning, and then tried to log on to the NY DMV website in order to pay it in the afternoon, thinking that it would be in the system so I could give them my money easily. It turns out that this isn’t the case.

Going to the direct link they gave me to “e-plead,” it seemed like all I needed was my information and the ticket and I would be able to pay the fine without issue.

On this page, I chose to enter my name and birthdate, since my NJ driver’s license number isn’t the same length as the NY licenses. I entered everything correctly and clicked “submit.”

Fast forward to 5 days later, and I’ve been experiencing this error every single time. I was told by someone else (who doesn’t work for the DMV) that since my ticket was handwritten that it might take a few days to show up in the system, but come on. It is 2015. This is ridiculous. You’ll note that this error page in NO WAY indicates that your ticket might not have been entered into the system yet. Today, I decided to click the link to contact the Traffic Violations Bureau.

I called this number and went through about 5 different menu trees, then managed to be put on hold for over 15 minutes, all while having to endure a repeated torture of steel drum music.

The jig is up, New York, I am fully aware that I am NOT in a tropical locale with no cares in the world.

So when someone picks up to talk to me, I clearly state that I’ve been trying to pay my ticket online, but that I keep getting an error. She asks me for the ticket number and the day I received the ticket. After making me hold again, she comes back with a simple “It isn’t in the system, you should pay it in person or send a check in the mail.” Absolutely no mention of a delay, when it might be available to pay online, nothing.

What the hell? This seems like a MASSIVE issue within the NY ticketing system. I was initially shocked when I was handed the yellow carbon copy of the ticket I received, with all of my information written on there by hand. Who does that in 2015? I cannot possibly believe that the NYPD doesn’t have a computer in all of its cars for this reason, especially traffic cops who are giving tickets out all day.

Anyway, so now I do not know what to do. I was not given an envelope to pay this ticket by mail, and I don’t really want to pay that way, since I will not have proof of payment until the check is cashed. This is why I wanted to pay it online. I am not in NYC enough to have an opportunity to go pay it in person.

This system is in dire need of a review and revamp. I do not think I would be writing this post if they had posted something on the website about a delay between receiving the ticket and having it be available for payment, but at the same time, the back of the ticket says I only have 15 days to pay it. How long can I wait for this to come available online? So late that I should have just sent a check?

NY DMV webmasters, please feel free to contact me if you would like me to consult on how to fix this dated and frustrating system.


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Instagram Roundup #44

by Jamie Sanford on June 12, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I’m traveling this week, so here is the collection of Flatiron Building photos I’ve taken since I started using Instagram.

See you next week!

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Blogcademy NY Scholarship Application!

by Jamie Sanford on May 22, 2013

EDIT: I didn’t win the scholarship, but thanks to my supporters! Congratulations to Kristin who won the scholarship.

I have wanted to go to the Blogcademy since it launched. I had a scheduling conflict for the first one in New York, so I really hope to win the scholarship slot for the next one in June!

I am Jamie Sanford. I’m 33 years old, I work in marketing, and have little to no interest in growing up. (This is not to be confused with not being able to handle my business.)

To put this on the table as early as possible, given what I know about the Blogcademy and the Headmistresses, I want to alert you all to the fact that I am no stranger to animal-themed headwear. I do tend to prefer antlers though.

My blogging journey started in March 2000, on Open Diary. I still have my account there, and have at least one friend for life who I found through OD. Thanks, blogging!

In 2008, I obtained the domain name and started down a path of cringe-worthy header designs!

In 2010, I launched The Daily Wishlist, which was a huge step for me. I started writing every day about shopping online, and changed jobs that year. I ended up being hired for an internet marketing position because I had positioned myself as an expert in online shopping. This was a step in the right direction!

In early 2012, I decided to consolidate blogs into one location. It felt natural to have all of my content attached to my name, especially since my blog content often applies to my chosen career path. It’s been a much smoother blogging experience since moving to a single location.

I had a lightbulb moment earlier this year, after deciding to launch the Brand Experience Project on my blog. Based on my time spent blogging about shopping, and then experiencing life as an online retailer through my job, I realized that what I find more important and infinitely more interesting than shopping online is the complete online shopping experience, from the search to receiving a package with your order. My posts for the Brand Experience Project have been incredibly well-received, and have provided a world of inspiration to keep going. Ultimately, I would love to consult with retailers in this subject area.

Having already started on a great path with content, my entire life was improved when I started using an Editorial Calendar. Having experienced issues with motivation and positivity in the past, I’ve found that writing my 3-5 blog posts a week is doing wonders for my overall outlook on things, because of the constant positive reinforcement that comes along with creating content that makes me happy and/or proud.

The timing is absolutely perfect for me to attend the Blogcademy. I am feeling great about the direction my blog is going in, but I think the content of this event will be the boost that will launch me above and beyond what I am currently accomplishing. I have already taken advice from Kat, Gala, and Shauna over the years during which I’ve been reading their blogs, so I can only imagine what a 2-day experience would do for me and my future.

Thanks to Kat, Gala, and Shauna for the opportunity of the scholarship, and hopefully I will see you in June!

My contact information is available here!

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Instagram Roundup #11

by Jamie Sanford on October 19, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Tabletop Market at 41 Madison was last week, so I was in and out of the city quite a bit. I try and park in the same lot every time, and have a collection of random photos of the Flatiron Building from each time I walk by.

From Monday – the weather was overcast but better than active rain.

I went to Sugar & Plumm on Tuesday morning to obtain macarons to use as showroom decor.

Cutest Halloween window display at Sugar & Plumm.

Parked on 57th (since I’d be back there for dinner later that night) and took a cab back to 41 Madison. Since NY landmarks never get old for me, I took this shot out of the window on my way there.

I was here.

We had dinner at The Nippon Club and then I took this while walking back to my car. I promise it is motion blur, I only had one glass of wine!

I was very close to eating this candy, but it seriously smelled like coffee. I had meetings and didn’t want heinous coffee breath.

Had a later meeting Wednesday so didn’t head over until early afternoon. A dreary morning turned into the most spectacular day. This is my favorite time of year.

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