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by Jamie Sanford on May 30, 2016

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A few weeks ago, our friends Jessica and Cory were in town, and so we planned an evening out. After a great suggestion from Brian, the six of us ended up at The Flatiron Room. It did not disappoint.

We chose this location via text on the day we went, a Monday. Perhaps that was a lucky choice, because when Brian and David arrived before the rest of us, they managed to get us a private-ish booth with curtains, featuring a taxidermied owl that was giving some Hedwig realness.

It was very very dark.

Here’s our in-booth owl!

This menu is full of delights.

We managed to arrive at the tail end of happy hour. We immediately got to ordering cocktails before the window closed, and also ordered the happy hour flatbreads as well. (I had a Blackberry Gimlet, it was delicious.)

In addition to incredible atmosphere, there was live bluegrass! We could not see the stage from our VIP booth (not confirmed that this is a VIP area, but we enjoyed thinking it), but we could hear it. Best of all, we could hear the music and still speak to one another, the perfect mix for a group of friends who don’t see one another often and are hoping to catch up a bit.

Here is the view looking out of the booth (you can see the curtains), you can see a tiny bit of the stage on the right.

After our first round, we moved on to more drinks, and decided to order more food as well. The share menu is varied and has some wonderful treats. We ordered the turkey meatballs, pork belly, bone marrow, macaroni and cheese, warm pear and bleu cheese salad, and a cheese board. Favorites were the bone marrow, the salad, and the cheese board.

While we did not partake, we did learn about the Flatiron Room’s Bottle Keep service. Essentially, if you buy a bottle of whiskey, and do not finish it, you can store it for life in the Bottle Keep, returning whenever you’d like to revisit your bottle. They also give you a few “entitlement cards” which you can share with family or friends, so that they can partake in your bottle when they visit The Flatiron Room.

Here are a few more images of The Flatiron Room.

I highly recommend a visit to the Flatiron Room if you are in New York. Do not expect to be lucky like we were, and make reservations for a table in advance.


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Link Tank #32

by Jamie Sanford on March 4, 2016

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Fish at the Florida Aquarium. More on my visit there coming to the blog soon!

Shauna of Nubby Twiglet’s guide to NYC is great. There are a bunch of things in here that I need to check out.

A list of courses to take and articles to read to get your online marketing MBA, of a sort. I have been taking courses recently, and I think they are definitely worth the $25 a month in membership fees.

Have I shared this woodland wedding from Rock ‘n Roll Bride before? It’s gorgeous.

I love this list of 200 things to throw away. I know I’m not the only person constantly trying to identify things that don’t need to be clogging up my home.

This Ted talk on the case for paid maternity leave in the United States. We are behind the world by not having laws in place for paid maternity leave. It’s embarrassing that the US is supposed to be a leader in all things, but in certain areas, we are horrifically flawed.

A look inside the barn at the Bergen County Zoological Park.

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Instagram Roundup #122

by Jamie Sanford on May 6, 2015

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Peeps = Instagram GOLD.

I posted this image of my tough siblings Robyn and Pete on National Siblings Day.

We bought this blue chair at an estate sale to replace the awkward zebra chair we’ve had for a few years. This chair had been in the house for about 30 years, and for 30 years before that, was in an office at Prudential.

I ate one piece of the tuna, it just wasn’t my bag. How beautiful is this though?

We had really wonderful weather when I was in and out of the city for the Tabletop Show at 41 Madison. You cannot beat this view, no matter how many times you see it.

More food, sorry. This burger was so beautiful that I had to. Also, delicious.

Then I went all sneaky to Florida for Mom’s birthday, and went to Nan’s house to surprise her too!

Mom and I got pedicures and then I baked a peach cobbler while she prepared shrimp. We had a lovely time.

We played Sequence, because it is what we do.

We also did some fishing in the backyard, because Mom and Dad have a lake back there, so why not? We throw our fish back because the gators need something to eat. We saw a gator right after taking this photo.

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Instagram Roundup #120

by Jamie Sanford on March 4, 2015

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Lots of wintery images. This foam green house is on my way to the office.

Met up with the girls for dinner and merriment. I forgot to use the selfie stick that William bought me.

Rickety bridge on the way to the office.

I can’t resist the sunset photos either.

And another one.

I finally made it back to 41 Madison for a meeting, so naturally, a Flatiron image.

We are traveling soon so I will probably have a special edition post coming up in a few weeks.

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Instagram Roundup #52

by Jamie Sanford on August 14, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

We went to IKEA! Will asked to go, so I’m not sure why he was so unhappy about it.

I’m still reading lots of back issues of Martha Stewart Living and Gourmet.

This is Electrify by China Glaze, from the Hunger Games collection. This polish is absolutely STUNNING in real life.

I’m making major progress with purging and organizing my desk and the surrounding areas at the office (yes, this is progress). It feels quite freeing.

On Friday, I stopped at Ulta after work, and then, had received a package with my Pantene prize pack that I won on Twitter via Sarah, AKA @styleit. I can’t wait to try these out and write about them.

I picked the day with the monsoon to go to the showroom. At least my umbrella is cute.

I am really looking forward to fall.

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