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I haven’t made a secret of the fact that I don’t love gift cards as a gift. Everyone knows that the holidays are coming, so start shopping early! Here are my top 5 tips for early holiday shopping.

I really enjoy NYDJ products, and so was really pleasantly surprised to see this option for a gift card from their website.

This gift card is extra! NYDJ gets all of the points for presentation here. You receive a beautiful box with a purple ribbon to tie it closed, and when you open it, you get a presentation of a gift card for $124 (standard price for NYDJ items), and a measuring tape so that you can be sure to order the right pair for the perfect fit.

This is a next-level gift card. The presentation alone brings an air of importance and consideration to the gift, even though buying it was as simple as buying a basic one on the cardboard backing.

This is the kind of elevated experience that I want from brands. The gift card + measuring tape here isn’t earth-shattering, but the presentation is wonderful and is beyond what we have come to expect.

Every brand should be trying to reach “beyond what we have come to expect.”

Congratulations to NYDJ on this effort. I hope it is intensely successful.