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I wanted to share a short post today about a recent email experience. I know that I just wrote about United Airlines and being irritated with their website, but I’m back with another issue. This time with an email that my husband Will received from United regarding a flight he booked with United but that was being run through a codeshare partner.

Let’s take a look:

OK. Let’s get into it.

  1. This email is plain text. Really?
  2. There is NO clarification on what “RS and/or its partners” is.
  3. There are no convenient links. The words “(whatever) website” should NEVER appear anywhere without being a link. This is internet 101.

I can’t with this. It is 2018 and this is a MAJOR corporation, in charge of hurling people through the air across great distances. How can this be acceptable?! United, get it together.

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