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by Jamie Sanford on March 30, 2017

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All images taken with the iPhone 7 Plus. (The previous link is an affiliate link, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link.)

We traveled through a bit of South Florida on a recent road trip. I have many more spots to share, but will start with the most unexpected stop that we took. We were driving north after an overnight stay in Juno Beach, and while in the Ft. Pierce area, I saw a tiny road sign with grapes that said “winery,” and I immediately turned the car around. We were on an adventure, so it seemed like the right thing to do.

We ended up at Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery.


This is about as Floridian as you can get.

The exterior was lovely.

These wreaths are perfect.

We got inside and found ourselves in a tasting room/store.

Local products, and you can see ribbons for a few of the wines they produce.

There was a larger number of wines available on the luxury wine walls than I would have expected.

Here is the tasting menu. What was the most surprising was that they make actual grape juice! It was intensely delicious.

The wines were good, but the muscadine grapes do seem to run sweet, and so a lot of the wines skewed that way. The ones we enjoyed the most were Webejammin’ and Not Starboard, the second of which is their version of Port. We purchased a bottle of each, along with some for friends.

It was a delicious and unexpected stop on our day. We love visiting wineries in New Jersey, and I will admit to not even realizing that wine is made in Florida.

If you’re ever traveling in or around the Fort Pierce, Florida area, I definitely recommend a stop at Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery. If you aren’t a drinker, the grape juice alone is worth a visit!

Happy trails!

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Thanksgiving Turkey – My Favorite Recipe

by Jamie Sanford on November 22, 2013

I’m sharing this post from last year a bit early, because I think everyone should try this method on their Thanksgiving turkey.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I don’t really cook at all, but I have been sharing the hell out of this turkey preparation recipe that my husband will be using tomorrow to make turkey for us. Naturally I see no other choice but to share it here as well.

Click here for the cheesecloth magic that Martha Stewart uses to make a turkey, that has been used to GREAT success in my house for the last few years.

Another shot of the turkey.Here’s a look at last year’s finished turkey. The little potatoes and carrots around them were cooked with the breast, and were basted in the same liquid. Super delicious but we learned a lesson about the carrots being too small and burning and getting very sad. The non-blackened carrots were fabulous.

I’m serious people, you have time to alter your plans for how to cook the turkey. This recipe involves coating the turkey in cheesecloth SOAKED in wine and butter. It is no joke, and it is crazy delicious. The turkey will be moist and yummy and the veggies you cook along with it will be outrageous as well.

Of course, I know people have attitude about how to make things like turkeys, so please leave your comments and preferences in the comments! Also, of course, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Instagram Roundup #56

by Jamie Sanford on September 11, 2013

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I’m guilty of enjoying some orange soda but WHAT.

There’s a strip of road in the town where my office is that is full of amazing architecture from the 60s and signs like this.

Took a quick shot of this too, does that mean no air for tires?

We went wine tasting for Cindy’s birthday over the weekend. It was really beautiful!

He was requested, so Tiny Edward made an appearance in the tasting room.

Old York Cellars had a beautiful deck that we enjoyed for quite a while after our initial tasting.

Unionville Vineyards was our next stop. Will and I chose the 8-wine tasting, and I highly recommend the Bell Well Chardonnay. I cracked my bottle open for my Nan, and she recommends it too.

Wine tasting selfie with Will, Karla, and Lee in the back. The men were wearing bow ties, and the ladies had tiaras, naturally.

We finished the day with pizza, more wine, and this beautiful sunset at the Hope Valley Vineyard. Who knew that Jersey had such great wine, and the experience was SUCH a good time. I definitely need to do another NJ wine tour sometime soon.

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Instagram Roundup #35

by Jamie Sanford on April 10, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

This is Deep Space by Candeo Colors. The result is nice but application was pretty awful.

I cooked again! I made mushroom soup the other night, and it turned out really well! Here’s the recipe I used.

I went to Five Below, hoping to get a case for my iPhone 5 that matches the one I purchased there for my iPhone 4. Naturally I did not find what I wanted, but did manage to find matte topcoat, and an amazing skull bottle of black polish. I really don’t need any more black polish, but I could not resist the bottle.

I asked Will to go with me to the zoo on Saturday, and we went to Turtle Back Zoo. It was lovely. I’m going to have to try and convince him to have another outing with me this weekend.

After the zoo, we had dinner, and then went wine shopping. I had picked this based on the triumphant antlers, but then I got to try and it and didn’t want it anymore. Hopefully I will enjoy what I actually purchased.

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Instagram Roundup #33

by Jamie Sanford on March 27, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

My Dad came to visit! He picked me up at the office for lunch on Thursday. It was fun!

Green Tea Kit-Kats in the office.

Site launch celebratory beer in a tiny glass. I would not have picked Coors Light, but the options were limited.

Here I am in the mirror at Walgreens, waiting for Will to pick a card.

It’s at least one fortune a week now that I am keeping the cookies around.

Engagement party for Sara and James!

Dinner with Dad and Will on Sunday was really fun.

I went to a recording studio to record some audio for a work project.

I look a little weird in the face, but here I am in the booth! I need a booth like this at my house for podcasting.

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