I’m sharing this post from last year a bit early, because I think everyone should try this method on their Thanksgiving turkey.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I don’t really cook at all, but I have been sharing the hell out of this turkey preparation recipe that my husband will be using tomorrow to make turkey for us. Naturally I see no other choice but to share it here as well.

Click here for the cheesecloth magic that Martha Stewart uses to make a turkey, that has been used to GREAT success in my house for the last few years.

Another shot of the turkey.Here’s a look at last year’s finished turkey. The little potatoes and carrots around them were cooked with the breast, and were basted in the same liquid. Super delicious but we learned a lesson about the carrots being too small and burning and getting very sad. The non-blackened carrots were fabulous.

I’m serious people, you have time to alter your plans for how to cook the turkey. This recipe involves coating the turkey in cheesecloth SOAKED in wine and butter. It is no joke, and it is crazy delicious. The turkey will be moist and yummy and the veggies you cook along with it will be outrageous as well.

Of course, I know people have attitude about how to make things like turkeys, so please leave your comments and preferences in the comments! Also, of course, Happy Thanksgiving!