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by Jamie Sanford on March 26, 2015

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For fans of Kate Spade who were not always interested in the price point, the introduction of Kate Spade Saturday was exciting. However, the price points were still sometimes unrealistic, and apparently there were fit issues, but I hadn’t tried any of the clothing. Fashionista has a good article on why Kate Spade Saturday didn’t work, but I’m here to talk about the email I received regarding it. (Also, apparently Saturday will be re-introduced as a product line within Kate Spade, instead of existing alone, but that is yet to come.)


I would like to address from the start that shutting down a company when you have somewhere else to send them is definitely a bonus.

  • Content relevant to this shutdown is posted on, and customer account and order data has also been migrated to
  • Kate Spade customer service still exists, so they will assist with Saturday customer issues during the transition period where active orders are still being dealt with, etc.


  • While there is no indication here about re-introducing Saturday as a line, customers are invited to sign up for Kate Spade emails as well.It does seem like a miss that there is no indication about the possible resurrection, because I do think a lot of people will reject this idea because they believe that the original brand is still above their price point.
  • This was a great opportunity to survey the Saturday customer to see what they liked and didn’t like about the brand, to see perhaps what their ideal price point is and to gauge what they liked about the Saturday products and experience. For those who completed the survey, you could give them a coupon code or some other incentive to browse and shop at – a great way to get them to the Kate Spade site, perhaps regardless of any preconceptions about the Kate Spade brand.

I will certainly keep up with the possible reintroduction of the Saturday brand to see how that is managed.

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Putting the game concept to work.

by Jamie Sanford on October 3, 2008

On Wednesday afternoon, I participated in a team status meeting where I heard that while multiple documents requesting information had been sent to a few of our “experts,” that they were unresponsive. I immediately thought of how to make it more fun, like a game, and suggested that the questions they were asking be entered into a survey program, with a link sent to the expert instead of an attachment. On Thursday, emails went out to 3-4 of these experts with links to surveys, and after weeks of no responses, we received multiple responses in just one day.

I will be thinking a lot in the coming days about where else I can use survey software to engage not only my audience, but the experts I’m using to develop content for that audience. The idea of “the quest” has really worked here and I’m excited to take it out for another spin.

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