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by Jamie Sanford on March 6, 2017

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Another stop during our trip to New Orleans was Sucre. My personal connection to Sucre is that I have worked in the past with their website developer. The company had a big boost a few years back after being featured on Oprah.

The shop and cafe ended up being lovely in terms of both offerings and design.

It was dark by the time we were able to stop in.

The macarons were front and center, naturally.

Many other confections were also available. The presentation and design in these is also beautiful.

I imagine that signs with ingredient lists are quite important, to alert anyone about potential allergic reactions. These are informative and attractive.

There were many lovely gift options available as well.

We took our box of macarons and wandered off into the rain – we enjoyed them later on as a way to tide ourselves over until dinner. They were intensely delicious.

Happy trails!

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Instagram Roundup #53

by Jamie Sanford on August 21, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I voted for Cory Booker in the NJ special election primary. I fully expect to be voting for Cory for president at some point.

Lots of photo shooting for Noritake lately. This is a new line called ColorVara that will be available this fall.

The weather here in the Northeast has been spectacular. Blue skies, breezy perfection. Good weather makes my entire perspective on everything better. (Good, in my opinion, is mostly any weather that involves a temperature of 78 or lower. I’m not into scorching heat.)

I met up with Brian on Thursday for drinks and a bit of catching up, and I got CARDED at Friday’s! I was really excited.

Along with the great weather has been gorgeous sunsets. Even the stacks looked pretty the other night.

Watched my 3rd Nine Inch Nails festival show – from the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands. I LOVE THE INTERNET.

I bought a non-A England nail polish! This is Incognito in Sausalito from the new OPI collection.

I bought some bee pollen at the fair and have been eating spoonfuls of it. Apparently it’s totally good for you, but there aren’t any proven claims beyond “it definitely isn’t bad for you.”

Nine Inch Nails stream number 4. Best summer ever?

Had dinner with Mike at Les Halles (on Park), and ordered the macarons for dessert. They were fantastic, as was the whole meal.

Ended the night by closing the bar at the Marriott Marquis, where Mike was staying. Late for a Monday, but we had a good time.

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Sights & Sounds #43

by Jamie Sanford on May 7, 2013

Sights and Sounds #43

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This infographic is from Married with Luggage, which I stumbled upon recently. Their story is amazing, and it makes me want to sell everything and go travel with my husband. Their story definitely reminds me of my friend Erica, who I interviewed about her Italian adventures here on the blog. This infographic in particular reminds me that I need to have another round of decluttering in my house.

[youtube XVZKjyyfeaA]

Here’s the next installment of “Drag Becomes Him” starring Jinkx Monsoon of RuPaul’s Drag Race. WARNING, there’s some serious drag stuff in here, and a tiny bit of nudity.

[youtube xJ636Y8N6E8]

Should I even try making macarons again after the disastrous attempt from last November?

Here’s another photo from the How to destroy angels_ show at the Wellmont in Montclair, NJ. Full post still to come.

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Sights & Sounds 40

by Jamie Sanford on March 26, 2013

Sights and Sounds #40

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[youtube WBJMQg36Mg4]

Juice Reboot + Drag Queens = LIFE.

[youtube xJ636Y8N6E8]

Unrelated, since I need to get in on said Juice Reboot, another video about making macarons.

[youtube aUaInS6HIGo]

This is super interesting, a basic presentation of data on how walking for 30 minutes a day can significantly change your health and chances for a longer life.

Here’s an image from the Irish Thanksgiving we went to a few weeks back. That’s Tiffany holding Seamus O’Camel, and her husband John attempting to pin the shamrock on the camel. Will is photobombing in the back. Mostly I just think that Tiffany’s expression is PERFECT. I love it.

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Sights & Sounds 39

by Jamie Sanford on March 12, 2013

Sights and Sounds #39

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Everyone knows I cannot resist a “random person gets on stage with famous musical artist and kills it” video. So here’s Billy Joel and a random dude named Michael performing “New York State of Mind.”

[youtube p04TYk4j0zQ]

Alexander McQueen, Fall/Winter 2013 Presentation. A bit short but still stunning.

[youtube kFIMPhSvwWI]

Steve Casino, painter of nuts. Trent Reznor posted this video since it focuses on the creation of a nut that looks like him. It’s awesome, I totally want one.

[youtube XHb_tSjsR1U]

In my fantasy world, I have a house that is totally organized. I watched this video about the “Most Organized Home in America,” and while this might be a bit much for me, it did inspire some changes in my small apartment.

[youtube EoC83JhkCAw]

This is a series of stories told by kids. It makes me laugh.

[youtube O_UWRUacIuk]

Photo of the week – from my photos of macarons from Creme Delicious that I shot a few weeks ago when I received them for Valentine’s Day. They were stunning.

That’s all for this edition of Sights & Sounds.

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