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by Jamie Sanford on September 10, 2015

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I have been paying more and more attention to the emails I receive from brands I am engaged with, and this latest one from Lands’ End reminded me of the importance of a good copywriter.

We have all heard that stories sell product, but this isn’t so much telling a story as projecting a fantasy.

It is short and sweet, but the image paired with the reminders of the traditional pleasures of fall creates a warm, fuzzy feeling, and I know I cannot be the only person who associates that feeling with sweaters. For those of us who spend the summer trying to enjoy it but (not-so) secretly waiting for cooler weather, for jeans and sweaters and apple cider and pumpkin spice everything, this email is incredibly welcome.

I think I am a pretty good writer, and I can certainly get by, but I am very big on the value of hiring skilled individuals. A skilled photographer, a skilled graphic designer, a skilled copywriter, these people have honed their crafts and deserve to be paid to access those skills. I have never come across a time when this wasn’t worth it!

Lands’ End clearly sees the value in it, and I commend them. This particular email is a wonderful example of the power of the right message creating the right feeling, and I’m sure it generated some sweater sales.


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