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by Jamie Sanford on November 4, 2015

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As I’ve mentioned previously on this site, I am a total sucker for good content. I have seen this particular video about 10 times now in my Facebook feed, so I cannot leave it alone any longer.

This is the 4th in a series of videos created by the Kate Spade team, #MissAdventure. I’m going to embed the most recent one here, but click here to see all of them.

We all love Anna Kendrick, correct? She’s so talented and funny and clearly doesn’t take things too seriously. I think she is such a perfect match for the Kate Spade brand, and the addition of Zosia Mamet in this episode of #MissAdventure is smart. I think Zosia’s style and personality is completely different while also totally charming, adding depth to the series to appeal to a different kind of woman.

This is created to sell more product, so there is a LOT of product that shows up in these videos, but it is remarkably not irritating. The Kate Spade team achieved the perfect balance of distracting me with characters so that I don’t notice the 48 Kate Spade products in the 5-minute film. I don’t think there is higher praise.

Have you seen the Kate Spade #missadventure videos? How do you feel about their impact on your shopping/buying behaviors with this brand?


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Pay us what you think our content is worth.

by Jamie Sanford on February 19, 2009

They already pay what they think our content is worth.

They already "pay" what they think our content is worth.

I read this post by Cory Doctorow this morning on BoingBoing, called “How are you coping with collapse anxiety?” It features a photo of a sign outside of a cafe that read “Pay us what you think our food is worth.”

Immediately it occurred to me that this is what bloggers and other creators of free content are already doing.  Pay us what you think our CONTENT is worth, pay us with traffic, pay us with an increase in Whuffie. Pay us with great comments that spark further conversations.

Of course these things do not come quickly (most of the time) or without quite a bit of work and perseverence.  Chris Brogan has mentioned a few times that it took a while before his blog really caught on and turned into the comment party that it is nowadays.

Are you getting “paid” what your content is worth? What currency is important to you?

Photo credit, gruntzooki

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Putting the game concept to work.

by Jamie Sanford on October 3, 2008

On Wednesday afternoon, I participated in a team status meeting where I heard that while multiple documents requesting information had been sent to a few of our “experts,” that they were unresponsive. I immediately thought of how to make it more fun, like a game, and suggested that the questions they were asking be entered into a survey program, with a link sent to the expert instead of an attachment. On Thursday, emails went out to 3-4 of these experts with links to surveys, and after weeks of no responses, we received multiple responses in just one day.

I will be thinking a lot in the coming days about where else I can use survey software to engage not only my audience, but the experts I’m using to develop content for that audience. The idea of “the quest” has really worked here and I’m excited to take it out for another spin.

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