Come to the Cheese Party!

by Jamie Sanford on September 9, 2021

I haven’t been super active here or on most of my personal social channels as of late, and that’s because I have been focusing on my new channel!

I don’t know if I actually coined the term “cheese party,” but I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I started using this phrase after a life-changing cheese experience at the New York Fancy Foods Show in 2014.

I am mostly focused on generating content for Instagram at this time, but I am also developing content on the website.

I am so happy to have an outlet to continue experiencing new cheeses. I have been pursuing cheese education and a few weeks back, took a Sensory Cheese Tasting virtual class!

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Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse | In My Travels

by Jamie Sanford on April 11, 2016

To see all of my travel posts, click here. All images taken with the Sony NEX-6. (The previous link is an affiliate link, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link.)

William and I are longtime fans of Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse. It all started when we watched an early episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. He completed a tour of New Jersey and went to a farm where Jonathan and Nina White were making their own cheese and bread, in New Jersey! We were intrigued, and had to check it out.

The video of the episode is available here, and the Bobolink feature starts at about 21:00.

We went out multiple times to the original Bobolink location, and they have since moved to Milford, NJ. The length of drive is still over an hour each way, but we never mind because there are multiple vineyards close by to the new location in Milford, and we love stopping in to pick up some wine as well. It’s a full day experience.

Over the years, we have gone on 2 farm tours, taken a breadmaking class, brought friends and family to visit, and spent hundreds of dollars on cheese and bread that is worth every penny.

Here are some photos from our most recent visit.

You can see a peek of the Caja China there on the right. The last 3 months, there has been a pig roast on Saturdays. We did not pre-order any pork sandwiches and so we missed out, but the scent of roasted pork taunted us the whole time!

A look at the cheeses all laid out for tastings – you can try the cheeses and then choose how much you’d like to purchase. We have bought pounds at one time of the Cave-Aged Cheddar and Frolic. The variety in cheeses is wonderful, ranging from stinkier, softer cheese to the cheddar, which is a more entry-level offering.

In the back, you can see the breads available as well. William and I recommend the cheese ciabatta, the rosemary epi, and the cranberry walnut stick. Be sure to buy 2 cranberry walnut sticks because you are probably going to eat one of them in the car.

The commitment to education at Bobolink has been clear to us since we first visited the old location.

Other products from local growers and beekeepers are also available at the Bobolink store.


You can taste the breads as well as the cheese!

The cheese available vary throughout the year because of the cheese production schedule. There are always good options.

Every time we visit, more and more items are available for purchase.

There’s a frozen section as well. Bring a cooler in the car!

Putting on My Marketing/E-Commerce Hat

The only downside about Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse is that their website is in desperate need of an update. Even a basic WordPress site with an online shop built in would suffice, and would likely create great potential for Bobolink to have better presence in search results. I commend the use of email marketing by Bobolink, because I do get emails regularly with updates on what is available at the farm, classes coming up, local farmer’s markets with a Bobolink presence, and recently, pig roast information! The email game is strong, but I expect that their online sales and presence as a brand could definitely grow if the online store was more user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and polished. If anyone at Bobolink is interested in assistance or a consultation, please contact me!

Hilton Hotels

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Link Tank #30

by Jamie Sanford on January 15, 2016

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This story from Consequence of Sound on Labyrinth and how Bowie’s portrayal of Jareth was a sexual awakening for many kids in the 80s is wonderful. Me and many of my friends were enamored with this character.

Speaking of Bowie – watch him and Trent Reznor performing “Hurt” together in 1995. Get ready to feel feelings!

[youtube c7_Te7iDojA]

18 ways you are making your life harder than it has to be. This ties in a bit with my thoughts on choosing happiness.

6 words you need to eliminate from your professional vocabulary. I suggest re-reading emails before you send them to make sure you aren’t using them!

200 things to throw away. Is anyone else trying to clear clutter this month?

I think pickle brine is actually the secret to many delicious things, but mushrooms will do.


This is one of my all-time favorite cheeses – and I love cheese so you should trust me on this: Midnight Moon!

How to build a $1 million IRA.

Related: Why you need a Roth IRA.

7 ways to take your LinkedIn profile from good to great.

7 things airlines don’t want you to know!

An image from our recent stop at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina. More coming soon!

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Instagram Roundup #36

by Jamie Sanford on April 19, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

The reason for the delay this week was much busyness at work, paired with a surgery I had on Wednesday of this week. I went back to the surgeon’s office for another visit to confirm my procedure.

This magnet is positioned at my desk. When I posted it, I said that I needed to get more creative.

I cooked for the 3rd time in a 2-week span, which is unheard of! We had started hoarding cheese so I decided to make Nadia G’s mac and cheese. I changed the recipe a bit but that was the basis.

This is the finished product. The end result was sprinkling panko on the top and baking it. It was very delicious.

I watched the How to destroy angels Coachella set online. Not caring at all that I’m spoiling the show for myself.

My favorite estate sale purchase is a vintage jewelry box that reminded me so much of ones I played with when I was little, filled with costume jewelry. I don’t know where the ones I played with when I was little are, but this purchase made me remember that fondly.

Time again for the NY Tabletop Show at 41 Madison. I have many pictures of the Flatiron Building, as I tend to do, but I had to walk a slightly different path one day from the car, and I got a different view! Note also the beautiful spring blossoms.

I cut my week short with an appointment to have my little surgery on Wednesday. As always, my darling husband was with me to make me laugh and hold my hand. Luckily, the waiting for the surgery took way longer than the actual procedure.

Surgery is a cruel mistress that doesn’t let you wear makeup or contact lenses. So on the way home, I had to don my favorite geriatric sunglasses to cover my regular glasses. Hot mess.

Recovering now, feeling much better today. Regular posting will be back next week.

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