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Another week, another email to analyze. This one was really odd, so let’s get into it.

Subject Line

“Welcome to Fathom Events” is a strange choice, because I’ve been signed up for emails from them for ages.

Fathom Events Logo in Header

This logo isn’t a link! This irritates me every time. If you’re going to put a logo in the upper left corner of anything, make it a link.

Messaging re: Customizing Account

This is a great option, especially for Fathom Events, which is a company that schedules special broadcasts in movie theatres. I could certainly dial in my preferences for events that I want to know about, and so I appreciate the heads up.

Follow Us on Social Media Callout

That there aren’t links to said social channels built in to the email right where it suggests that we connect on social channels is a miss.

Coming Soon

This is where it goes really downhill. All 4 of those events took place in July. I was genuinely excited to see the Angels in America listing, only to find out that it happened months ago. I then clicked the others to find out that they are all from the past.


It seems disjointed, to be honest. The “Fathom Events is original programming” in the center seems weirdly placed to me.


Overall, I am confused about the timing of when I’m receiving this email, unhappy about the content issues, and unimpressed by the design. I highly recommend that the folks at Fathom Events take a look at this, especially if it is automated, and create a better experience. I think theƂ Fathom Events service is a wonderful idea and I am very much looking forward to attending more of their events in the future, so hopefully their communications improve in the future.