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It’s been a while!

I had to acknowledge this effort from a brand I know and love, Excedrin. Excedrin was the go-to choice for headaches in my household growing up, and so there is always a giant bottle of it in my home now.

I saw this Instagram post today and was intrigued. It’s Tan and Antoni from Queer Eye!

This is a brilliant idea. It makes complete sense to associate headaches with common triggers, and this particular choice of spokespeople is relevant and far-reaching. We all get headaches!

Here’s a look at the packaging on the Excedrin website:

Unfortunately handled was the page where you could sign up to receive a free sample of Excedrin Extra Strength with the limited-edition packaging. I filled out too many fields before finding out that they were apparently out of the free options.

The Excedrin team should have been ready to edit this page to alert visitors that they had run out of the giveaway items. It’s a miss in a day full of fun branding wins.

Which package would you pick if you had to choose the one that best fits you?

Here’s a news article covering the variety of content associated with this promotion.