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I was recently drawn in to some sale shopping for holiday decor. I was in the hunt for a small pencil tree for my house, and At Home had them at 50% off. I decided to create an order online to then pick up in the store.

In addition to the pencil tree, I found a decorative tree as well. So I added two to the cart. (Mind you, this said it was available in my store on the product page.)

By the time I went to check out, I reached this messaging on the cart page.

“One of more of the items in your cart is not available in your selected store location. Please select a new store or remove the item(s) from your cart.”

You can imagine my surprise to receive this message with ZERO indication of what item in my car is the problem! This was so aggravating!

The obvious fix is that there needs to be additional messaging around the item in question to let me know that it needs to be removed from the order.

This situation resulted in me abandoning the online order to pick up in store. Instead, I rolled the dice and went to the store directly. I found the big pencil tree but not the smaller trees, so I’m guessing they were the problem.

Here’s hoping that At Home can address this specific issue that is very frustrating for their customers.