Shipping Email | Missing the Mark #12

by Jamie Sanford on December 14, 2016

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I am a big fan of and their products. I have made many purchases in the past, their prints are of an incredible quality, and I particularly love the standouts as well.

I ordered another item this week, and noticed a small but major error in the shipping email I received.

Do you see it?

The tracking number isn’t a link! In addition, it doesn’t tell me what service was used to ship my order, so if I didn’t know that tracking numbers with 1Z at the beginning are from UPS, I wouldn’t know where to go to track it.

I am incredibly surprised by this because it is a huge miss. Online shopping is already incredibly convenient, so to turn that completely on its head in a shipping email is against the entire spirit of not doing that much work!

Another issue I had with the shipping email was formatting-related.

This address formatting is really unfortunate. Why the address identifier is below the address is unclear and strange.

I’ve said multiple times that websites are never “done.” There are always improvements to be made, and transactional emails are certainly part of that as well. I hope that Mpix quickly updates their email templates to correct these issues.

Update: I tweeted this post and received a lovely response from the Mpix team. See below!




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Site Recommendation:

by Jamie Sanford on August 26, 2008

I love photography. I also love physical versions of my photos, there’s something to be said for something on the wall as opposed to just viewing photos on my Flickr photostream.  Anyway, after a serious debacle with our wedding photography studio, my husband and I discovered for their photo products.  We made a beautiful wedding album utilizing their downloadable software, and are planning to create the other albums that we still need to complete (as we come up on almost 2 years of marriage) via their site as well.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email saying that Mpix 2.0 was being launched!  Their new products include wall clings, an idea I am extremely excited about, apartment life leaves me not wanting to paint my walls but this could provide an interesting opportunity for wall decoration.

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