Blanche Devereaux’s Bedroom | Shopping

by Jamie Sanford on September 29, 2016

I am a huge fan of The Golden Girls. In the early days of Netflix, I rewatched the entire series on DVD with William, as he had never seen the show. We are now those people who will stop and watch any episode of The Golden Girls that appears when we are scrolling through channels on the television.

I recently caught an episode featuring the interior of the bedroom of Blanche Devereaux, and realized that I had to try and locate similar items to recreate this 1980s masterpiece. All credit to the set designers, this room is amazing. Follow along below as I try and locate items to recreate this amazing space.

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All images are screenshots found in various locations, in varying sizes.

The commitment to the palm leaf is REAL.

1. Palm Leaf Pillow | 2. Palm Leaf Fabric | 3. Palm Leaf Pillow Set | 4. Palm Leaf Bedding | 5. Palm Leaf Pillow | 6. Palm Leaf Shower Curtain | 7. Palm Leaf Pillow Set | 8. Palm Leaf Pillow

Palm leaves for the wall and that pink chair! (Unfortunately, I can’t find anything to even closely replicate the amazing vintage vanity table.)

I think Blanche has a rotary phone, but there’s a similar option here from Amazon. Her lamps are very of their time, but I found some similar options:

Blanche’s vanity changed over the seasons. The mirror obviously isn’t there because it would probably be an issue for the cameras.

Let me know in the comments if you could embrace this level of palm leaves in your own home. Also, which Golden Girl is your favorite?

Additional edit! The Golden Girls result on Etsy is a treasure trove of greatness.




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Vintage Platform Shoes Collection

by Jamie Sanford on March 10, 2011

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Lady Gaga is into some more modern-day platforms. (Via GagaFashionLand, click the image for the full post on their site.)

When I saw the first pair of shoes below, I decided to look up the origins of the platform shoe.  Wikipedia has some great info on the origins of platform shoes.

Platform shoes enjoyed some popularity in the United States, Europe and the UK in the 1930s, 1940s, and very early 1950s, but not nearly to the extent of their popularity in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, when the biggest, and most prolonged, platform shoe fad in U.S. history began at least as early as 1967 (appearing in both advertisements and articles in 1970 issues of Seventeen magazine), and continued through the early-1980s. (This is thought not to be the case in Europe or the UK, where they had all but died out by 1979.) At the beginning of the fad, they were worn primarily by young women in their teens and twenties, and occasionally by younger girls, older women, and (particularly during the disco era) by young men, and although they did provide added height without nearly the discomfort of spike heels, they seem to have been worn primarily for the sake of attracting attention. Many glam rock musicians wore platform shoes as part of their act.

Thanks to the Etsy Tumblr for pointing these shoes out!

Epic Disco-Era ShoesLook at these giant beasts!  They have been super disco-weathered.  These are a women’s size 9 and are available from Etsy seller SimplicityisBliss for $525.

Gold PlatformsThese are sparkly. These vintage gold sparkly platforms are a women’s size 6.5 and are available on eBay for $120 via Buy It Now.

Vintage Leather PlatformsOh these ones are super fierce.  (This is making me want to go and scan some photos from my parents’ wedding – some of their guests in 1976 have crazy awesome platforms.)  These multi-colored platforms are a women’s size 9.5 and are available on eBay for $550.

Are you into vintage items? Would you buy these vintage platform shoes to wear or just to use as home decor?

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