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Just a short look at something I experience with MyHabit earlier this week that really disappointed me.

I made a sizeable purchase (about $185) using a combination of a $30 Amazon gift card (MyHabit is an Amazon site) and my American Express card. Unfortunately, when I received the dresses, neither of them were working for me. I started the return process and found out that the entire order amount was being given back to me in Amazon credit! Here’s what I found about this policy:

Does this not seem ridiculous? I certainly didn’t remember seeing anything about this when I was checking out. I revisited the checkout on the site to see if this was evident.

I see the space for gift card entry, but no warning here about the return policy for combining payment methods.

I clicked “learn more.”

Nothing here about returns and using multiple payment methods. What the hell.

I have resigned myself to this situation, I can certainly find a way to use $180 in Amazon credit. However, that I wasn’t CLEARLY warned about this beforehand is extremely unfortunate. Why am I being forced into Amazon credit? This is just bad business. If I had paid the whole thing with my AmEx, I would be getting all of the money back to my card, but since I used a gift card for a portion of the order, all of the money I paid is returned on a gift card, which means I still have to give AmEx $150 at the end of the month, for something I ultimately did not receive.

This seems absolutely crazy to me. Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world, and they can’t figure out a way to credit back my store credit and also my credit card? Or, better yet, keep your horrible policy but at least warn me about it before I place an order. I would have kept my credit and paid for the dresses with my card in full if I had known this would happen.

I would love to hear thoughts on this policy in the comments. Have you ever run into this with any other retailers?