I’ve wanted to write for a while about brands missing the mark with their customers or target audience. This week, a great example came up.

[youtube vw5vcUPyL90]

If you cannot view the embedded video, here is the YouTube link. Update: The video is already gone. Update 2: The video is back! More info here.

This video is NSFW for language and violence. It is a short film called Power/Rangers, and was created by Joseph Kahn, who has directed many a music video that I have enjoyed. I am a fan of his for sure. I also watched the original Power Rangers while getting ready for school in the morning (middle and high school) and LOVED watching this super-dark, adult look at what would have happened to the rangers later on. It’s so well done, and well-acted, and totally professional. Unfortunately, Saban Entertainment is trying to shut down this parody that in no way infringes on the original copyright, as the content of the short film is newly created. The filmmaker and producer are clear about not looking to profit from this film (it was self-financed) and simply were fans that wanted to create a short film inspired by the original series.

What I fail to understand is how Saban Entertainment can be interested in shutting this down. Haim Saban is pursuing another Power Rangers film, so perhaps the concern is that this superior piece of content might make his eventual film look bad? While I am certainly a fan of the original Power Rangers, I am in no way thinking about it on a regular basis. Joseph Kahn just reminded me about the existence and awesomeness of the Power Rangers, and I might actually go see if I can watch some on Netflix. (Edit: Now that the film has been pulled, I will not be supporting Saban Entertainment in the near future.)

Saban is making the wrong choice by coming after this film instead of promoting it and giving it the love it completely deserves.