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All images taken with the Sony NEX-6.

True shopping isn’t something I really do anymore. We are so spoiled by shopping online, and it’s easier to order away and let everything come to you. However, when I am in a place where there are unique shops to step into, I cannot resist. On our last night in Maine, we walked around Boothbay Harbor a bit, and when I saw the word “silversmith,” I knew we were going in. It turns out that it was Tigger Leather & Silversmith, a two-in-one!

The wall of belts was confusing until we realized that when you buy a belt, it is customized to your size! Will got a great black belt, and the length was cut and holes added to be the perfect size for him.

The leather scent was overwhelming but wonderful. You can see some of the variety of items available here.

I was in love with the decor, which I had ample time to explore while Will had his belt sorted out.

Note the lobster in the center of the bottom shelf.

Another unique experience from Maine. A reminder that I need to find more local businesses in my own area and patronize them. Check out Tigger Leather & Silversmith online here.

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