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by Jamie Sanford on December 1, 2017

I will be traveling this year and so won’t be putting my tree up. However, I look forward to the day when I will have a house and will definitely be having multiple trees in my home. I don’t know what “Christmas decor overkill” means.

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Let’s start shopping with trees.

The variety of trees is remarkable. I am not a person who needs a real tree, I think that’s why pine-scented candles exist.

One of my greatest dreams is an upside-down Christmas tree. They sell them with bases that come out of the top, but I want to actually mount a tree to the ceiling so there’s empty space under the tree. I think it would make an amazing centerpiece over a dining table.

I have a collection of ornaments starting from when I was born. Those “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments are quite fragile now, and so I hang them inside the tree a bit so they do not get knocked to the floor. I have traditional decorative ornaments in gold, as we ended up with a slight gold theme after my husband Will suggested that we supplement the white lights already in the tree with extra gold ones. I also have some Hallmark pop culture ornaments that were gifts, as well as ones purchased in our travels. I absolutely have too many ornaments for my current tree, which is another reason why I need a house so that I can have multiple trees.

Lights! My main tree right now is pre-lit, but as mentioned above, we haven’t been able to leave it at that. Once Will suggested adding more lights, we have gone a bit crazy. We have the white lights that came with the tree, and we add regular tree lights in gold, and then we add a few more that have ball-shaped bulbs, some with beautiful texture. This adds dimension to the tree that I did not expect, but I love it and will never go back.

Tree toppers! Since my tree is not the sturdiest, we have utilized a simple ornament-style topper for years, like the Christopher Radko one above. Once I get a more substantial tree that can manage a more robust topper, I will likely struggle to pick one that I like. Now that I’ve seen it, I am definitely obsessed with the peacock.

That’s all for me on Christmas tree shopping and decoration. Tweet me with your favorite Christmas tree traditions.

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To see all of my travel posts, click here. All images made with the iPhone 7 Plus, which is amazing and impressive. (The previous link is an affiliate link, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link.)

During our mini Floridian road trip, our first stop was Sanibel Island, Florida. We were largely there to spend time in the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, but as soon as we turned onto Periwinkle Drive (the main thoroughfare of Sanibel), I wanted to stop everywhere! We traveled to Sanibel many times when I was younger, and I would love nothing more than to make another trip there soon.

I pulled into the parking lot when we approached She Sells Sea Shells, a Sanibel Island mainstay.

She Sells Sea Shells has been in business since 1976!

Featured on the sign is a Junonia shell, a holy grail for shellers.

So. Many. Products! You can see more Junonia shells, real ones, in the display case on the left.

There seems to be endless shell art – the creativity is impressive.

Christmas tree ornaments of all shapes and sizes are available.

These are flowers made from shells!

I picked up one of these and was completely surprised at how robust and solid it felt! (Related – I purchased a beautiful Christmas tree ornament that was a mermaid made of shells, and she made it all the way home, in my suitcase, intact!)

Of course, there is a huge section of open stock shells in the store.

So many options!

I went shelling a bit on a Sanibel beach later that day, and I didn’t find anything that looked like this, so I can see why people might want to buy them.

Do you need decor for your beach house or shore house? Look no further!

There were mobiles all of the store. I don’t know how you get one of those home with you, but I find them incredibly charming.

One more wider shot of the store. If you ever find yourself on Sanibel, you MUST stop at She Sells Sea Shells.

Happy trails!

Hilton Hotels

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Sunday Link Party!

by Jamie Sanford on September 13, 2010

Photo of the week.


Our shadows.

I’m using Roadside America to find some quirky stuff to do while we’re on vacation next week in Florida.

Make your own starburst mirror. (Apartment Therapy)

Mashable has great coverage of Vogue.com’s new design.

Some other Jamie Sanford is getting patents on things. I love Google Alerts.

When buying some nostalgic 80s tunes last week, I remembered this collaboration between Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson. It seems like Eddie Murphy was channeling Prince, and Michael was like “uh, sure I’m down for this.”

In comparison, here’s the video for Prince’s “Seven.” The vocal stylings of the verses seem similar to what Eddie was attempting. (Also, “Seven” is one of my favorite Prince songs.)

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My Photo in Time Out New York’s Apartment Section!

by Jamie Sanford on August 19, 2010

I was really pleased today that a photo I took a while back is appearing on Time Out New York’s website in the Apartment section!

My friend Kelly Kreth is featured, her apartment is designed around the colors black, white and red.  It’s pretty spectacular and you should definitely check out the photos.

Had to take screenshots of my images though – my husband‘s photo of Kelly’s awesome dog Mini appears as well.

Time Out New York, Kelly's Apartment 1

My image of Kelly on the TONY Apartment section homepage.

Time Out New York, Kelly's Apartment 2

Wider shot of the photo of Kelly against the wall, on the same wall.

Time Out New York, Kelly's Apartment 3

Will's photo of Kelly's Dachschund, Mini.

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