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My Sports Podcasting Debut

by Jamie Sanford on March 12, 2019

My love for Formula 1 has never waned, and I’ve recently made my podcasting debut, talking about the new season of Formula 1 on the Sports Landing podcast. In the episode dated 2/25/19, Phil and I talk about the new cars, driver changes, and the excitement of getting into Formula 1 as a sport.

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Thanks to Phil for having me on the show!

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I have been a die-hard fan of Formula One for the past 6 or 7 years. I didn’t think I would be into it when my husband asked if I would watch the first race of the season back in what I think was 2011, but I was hooked from the start. I have, like many other Formula One fans, been disappointed in the online offerings of Formula One for ages. However, Formula One was recently taken over by Liberty Media, who have introduced experiences and content that I am thrilled about. There have been some issues as of late, however, and I’m particular miffed about one of them.

F1 Fan Voice is a new introduction, a way to get direct information from Formula One fans while offering them the chance to win prizes and experiences. I already have an account on, but I had to additionally sign up for F1 Fan Voice. I don’t know why it can’t be a single sign-on for all of their platforms, but that’s not the biggest issue with F1 Fan Voice.

See below.

Right at the top, you can see that I have 29 new polls to take!

I soon found out that I have to click “VOTE” for every single question, and the entire page reloads every time. This is asinine.

I tweeted to the official F1 Twitter account about this:


I have received no response, 9 days later, which is also really disappointing!

I will be back soon with another post about the F1 TV experience, which has also been a mixed bag. I am willing to be very forgiving of the new team managing Formula One media now, because I am such a big fan of the sport, and I’m really engaged in all content and experiences related to it.

More to come soon.


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Formula One -Derland: Australia & Malaysia 2013

by Jamie Sanford on April 16, 2013

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I totally fell off of my Formula One posts after Italy last year. I’m going to make it another goal to complete them all this year – to do so, I’m going to mostly stick to image commenting, and leave the real recaps up to the fine people that update the Formula One wiki.


All photos of the Australia race are from Planet F1. Go here to see their whole gallery and enjoy the site in general.

A new season starts with Sebastian “Team? What’s that mean?” Vettel on pole, which is standard. We did get our first glimpse of Lewis “Swag Party” Hamilton as a Mercedes driver, which I think now (a few races in), he sees as an amazing decision.

Last season troublemaker Pastor “Is Going To Run Into You” Maldonado crashed out, and called the car “undriveable.”

After a mostly unremarkable race, Kimi “Is Devoid of Emotion” Raikkonen won.

Final results were Raikkonen, Vettel, and my boy Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso in third. Clearly Fernando had his eyebrows waxed before the grand prix.

I find it surprising that someone with such triumphant eyebrows has randomness in his facial hair. I’m sorry Fernando, I don’t think it is going to grow in.


All photos of the Malaysia race are from Planet F1. Go here to see their whole gallery and enjoy the site in general.

Yay! Fernando and his eyebrows celebrate his 200th race!

Fernando didn’t get too far in the race (and ruined my fantasy score) by making a really bad decision to not pit after a collision. His front wing was a mess, and soon after passing the pit entrance, it disintegrated in a spectacular fashion. Race over for Fernando.

“Oh, Jamie is going to be so pissed! I hope she forgives me.”

The race moves along well, and Mark “Who Has Absolutely No Luck” Webber is in the lead, with teammate Vettel behind him. They are both given the message to slow down, conserve fuel and tire life to get to the end of the race and earn valuable points for the team, but Vettel had other plans. In this photo, you see Vettel going around Webber, who eventually had to pull away to avoid a collision, leaving Vettel to win the race. (I have never been a big fan of Vettel, but his unsportsmanlike behavior is hideous. I’m even more grossed out by the fact that he keeps telling different versions of how he feels about the situation. Hey Sebastian – you were a douche, maybe better to not talk about it anymore.)

Webber then gives Vettel the finger, which is totally what I would have done. Where was the team radio transmission of what I am SURE was him screaming all sorts of WTF at the team?

Meanwhile, the 2 Mercedes teammates were also given orders to stay their positions and managed to do so without incident. Classy Lewis Hamilton ended up with the podium spot, and mentioned that he thought it should have been his teammate up there.

Ugh. I know that is your thing, but when you know you took the shitty road to get there, maybe try not to gloat about it?


So that’s all for this post. I’ll be back with comments and a bit of recap on China and Bahrain soon!

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Formula One -derland: Spain, Monaco, Canada

by Jamie Sanford on June 12, 2012

The excitement of the 2012 Formula One season has CONTINUED. I am behind on the Formula One -derland posts, but you will still get the idea. The result so far has been 7 different winners of 7 races. At this time last year, Sebastian Vettel was annoyingly ahead in the driver’s championship points, while right now, the spread between the top 5 is ridiculously close.


Spain was a bit controversial from qualifying, where Lewis Hamilton qualified P1 and then was sent to the back of the grid for having too little fuel in the tank at the end of quali. This seemed like an overly harsh punishment, and Eddie Jordan definitely agreed with me. This put Pastor Maldonado, who I was not expecting, in P1, but 2012 is a weird season so nothing should be surprising.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

Early in the race, Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso pulled ahead of Maldonado from P2, and it was an eventual speedy pit stop by the Williams team that allowed Maldonado to take the lead back and hold on to it for the rest of the race. That started to get boring, so focus was put on other things like HIGHLY EXPERIENCED Michael Schumacher plowing into the back of Bruno Senna, who was already having a crap weekend of being completely shown up by his teammate. I felt bad for Bruno, and am sad to see Schumie having such a bad season, because his teammate has already won a race.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

The final result was Maldonado winning the race, with Eyebrows behind him, and Iceman Kimi Räikkönen in 3rd. Check out Kimi in the picture, looking thrilled as always. You can also see some amazing Eyebrows action.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

Still not sure about this champagne business.


Ahh, Monaco. You are the fanciest of grand prix, with your rich people and fancy yachts, and lots of Formula 1 drivers as residents because you are a tax haven.

(Images from Planet F1 – check out their gallery here)

Qualifying was busy, as Pastor Maldonado caused an unfortunate crash with Sergio Perez that ended with a 10-spot grid penalty. Michael Schumacher would have started on pole (notorious for being the winner’s position due to the lack of overtaking that generally takes place in Monaco) but his grid penalty from the last race where he crashed into Bruno Senna was enforced putting him 6th on the grid. Mark Webber ended up on pole position, with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton behind him.

(Photos from Planet F1 – check out their gallery here)

Going airborne is generally frowned upon. Unfortunately, Kamui Kobayashi clipped another car during the start and managed to survive the car jumping into the air, but only enough to drive to the pits and retire for suspension damage. The top 3 in the grid held out the race for a while, and it was obvious that pit stop strategy was going to play a big role. There was some turnover in the ranks, but nothing major. Monaco seems to be more of an endurance race than anything else, because those drivers have to WORK to not hit walls and such. There was a bit of movement in the ranks, but the result was Mark Webber winning the race, Nico Rosberg in P2 and Eyebrows Alonso taking the last slot on the podium.

(Photos from Planet F1 – check out their gallery here)

Then this happened after the race. WTF, Mark Webber.


Canada is quickly becoming my favorite race. Last year and this year were AWESOME, I’m thinking the track is just designed in such a way that there is always something happening. Last year, Jenson Button awesomely (yes, awesomely) won the race after Sebastian Vettel slipped around a corner, which is the thing I remember the most. This year was FULL of overtaking and positions changing, and I did a lot of yelling at the TV.

(Photos from Planet F1 – check out their gallery here)

Sebastian Vettel (who I like a tiny bit more since I watched him on Letterman) was on pole position by a big margin after qualifying. However, his early lead didn’t last long, it was another race where pitting at the right time would completely change your positioning. Lewis Hamilton, Eyebrows Alonso and Romain Grosjean were all in the lead at some point, but in the end, tire strategy was the determining factor for the victory. Lewis stopped again to change tires, and ended up winning the race, while Romain Grosjean and Sergio Perez had no trouble passing Vettel and Eyebrows, as their tires were just done. I was happy that Lewis finally got to win a race, he has been qualifying well all season but could not pull out a victory, so good for him.

(Photos from Planet F! – click to see the whole gallery)

Lewis also has a better handle on the champagne situation, not setting himself up for creepy photos. Congratulations Lewis!

Valencia and Silverstone coming up in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see who the first repeat winner will be!

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