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We had some free time after Christmas, so we decided to go to The Florida Aquarium, since all of us had never been!

My brother Pete.

The design of the aquarium features lovely graphic elements.

Me and Dad enjoyed the touch tanks.

The only thing in focus is Pete’s (appropriately themed) ocean tattoo, but no matter, I love this picture.

The signs were great. Humor + message!

Great way to promote the hashtags and social networks. The signs are perfect in their environment. They don’t take away from the displays at all.

Uncooperative bird.

I have no idea what the point of this projection onto cascading “smoke” was, but it was fun nevertheless.

I took so many photos of this tank, with a massive school of fish.

These jellyfish seemed to be the best photobait. Everyone loved them.

I recommend checking out the Florida Aquarium, if you have nothing else to do. There are definitely bigger and better aquariums in the country, and there is no lack of things to do in the Tampa area. If you only have a day, go to Busch Gardens!