A selection of 2010 tweets!

by Jamie Sanford on January 1, 2011

This image is a bit messy but I can live with it.  Here’s a big selection of my 2010 tweets.

JamieSanford - Tweets of 2010

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2010 Recap – Technology, Food & Drink

by Jamie Sanford on January 1, 2011

Obsession with Twitter and Facebook continued and deepened. Enjoyed other things like Manage Flitter, FourSquare and MailChimp.

Twitter Profile 12-31-10

Twitter Profile 12-31-10

Food & Drink
Arizona Diet Green Tea, Noodles, White Russians, Mom’s Eggplant Parm, Stove Top Stuffing, Thanksgiving x 2. Meal of the year goes to dinner at Bern’s in Tampa, in September. Had 2 disappointing meals to celebrate milestones at restaurants that were great in the past but now sort of suck.

White Russian

Terrible Blackberry photo of my New Year's Eve White Russian.

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2010 Recap – Music, Movies, TV

by Jamie Sanford on December 31, 2010

The 2010 recap posts continue!  This one is video-heavy, I suggest visiting the original post for ease in watching the videos if you’re reading the feed.

Kanye West – no one is denying how great his new album is. My favorite song from the album is “Monster” and here’s an unedited version of the video. NSFW!

Civil Twilight – a recent discovery, here’s the video for “Letters From The Sky” which I really like.

How To Destroy Angels – Trent Reznor’s new band with his wife Mariqueen Reznor and previous collaborator Atticus Ross. This is the video for “The Space In Between,” which is really fantastic.

Lady Gaga – she killed it all year. I love her because I dig the music, I love how she is running her own show the whole way. Here’s the “Telephone” video with Beyonce.

80s pop – I’m always in the mood for 80s pop. You know you want to watch the “Take On Me” video.

Nine Inch Nails – 2010 was the first year in a while that I didn’t attend at least one NIN show, since the big “Wave Goodbye” tour of 2009. NIN.com gave us this video from that last set of shows on Christmas. I can’t wait to see more.

Florence + The Machine is another 2010 discovery. Here’s the video for “Heavy in Your Arms” from the Eclipse soundtrack.

David Usher – who brought out a fantastic acoustic album this year. I’m still hoping to find my way up to Canada to see a show in 2011. Here’s a video of “Black Black Heart” from a recent live performance in Toronto.

Barcelona – I was introduced to this band with that video of the giant aquarium, and the song from that video is so good. Here is that video featuring “Please Don’t Go.”

Japanese Aquarium

Had a bit of an obsession with Cream more recently. Here’s an audio-only video of “White Room.”

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Big Lebowski, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 1, Whip It, Clerks 2, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Jaws. I watch random movies that are old and don’t go to the movie theatre very often.

Here’s one of the opening scenes from The Big Lebowski. Very NSFW!

Vampire Diaries, Mythbusters, Dancing With The Stars, 30 Rock, Hoarders. Also had massive marathons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Bones.

The Vampire Diaries - Is It Bad To Want All Three?

The Vampire Diaries - Is It Bad To Want All Three?

Hot, right?  This show is so good – and is currently one of the only things my husband and I sit together on the couch to watch together, faithfully.  They don’t mess around at all, people show up and kill people and die on a regular basis.  There are no throwaway episodes.  I want to watch less TV in 2011, but I won’t be giving up this show.

Next post coming soon.

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2010 Recap – Work & Travel

by Jamie Sanford on December 31, 2010

Let’s get into some 2010 recap business!  3 hours left this year!

Quit my previous job after 8 years, found a new job I really enjoy and that actually uses a large majority of my skill set. This made an enormous impact on my life, I am much happier than I was in that job and I had no idea how being unfulfilled by my job was affecting me so much until it wasn’t anymore. I miss the people I used to work with, but I can’t really say I miss the job at all.


  • January – Las Vegas for work.

Brahma Shrine at Caesar's Palace.

  • April – Flew to Florida and then solo road-tripped for 8 days in a hot rented Mustang.  I also met my new nephew, Cooper the Boston Terrier.
Cooper and his towel.

Cooper and his towel - April 2010.

  • May – Weekend trip to Provincetown, MA – stayed in a bed & breakfast and had an amazing whale-watching experience.
Blowhole 3.

Humpback Whale - Provincetown, MA.

Here is a video from that whale-watching trip that my husband took.  You can hear my shutter in the background taking tons of pictures.

  • August – Short trip to Savannah, GA in (super steamy) for my new job.
  • September – Crazy weekend in St. Louis, MO. Saw 2 friends from high school, which was amazing, and made some new friends too.
Mike, Jamie, David in the elevator.

Mike, Jamie, David in the elevator - September 2010.

  • September – Less than 2 days after getting back from St. Louis, Will and I were on a plane to FL. Rented another car, this time a brand-new 2011 yellow Camaro. We visited various locations again to see friends, go to Kennedy Space Center, check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal, and attend my nephew’s confirmation.
Collage from Trip to Kennedy Space Center - September 2010.

Collage from Trip to Kennedy Space Center - September 2010.

I didn’t travel nearly as much in 2010 as I did in years prior. The new job and related lack of paid vacation days put a damper on the traveling.

To be continued….

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Oprah’s Big Deal issue of her magazine hit the stands for August 2010 and she is wearing the Coliseum earrings from Lia Sophia.

You can’t get a good look at the Lia Sophia earrings, which Oprah liked so much that she purchased them.

From the Lia Sophia website:

Rockstar flamboyance in over-sized hoops. A contemporary cutout honeycomb design of matte gold makes an eye-popping statement guaranteed to take your charisma off the charts. Snap bar closure.

The earrings that Oprah is wearing on the cover of the magazine are $44 from Lia Sophia, but will be retired at the end of July. Based on the limited time frame plus the Oprah connection, I think they might sell out.

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