An industrious pair of house sparrows built a nest underneath the window AC unit in my bedroom. Naturally, we didn’t figure this out until we had heard endless baby chick sounds for 2 days.

We did the obvious thing and bought a camera intended to be used to look down pipes and whatnot, and inserted it by the entrance area of the nest, attached to my laptop on the other side. We have 3 baby sparrows, and of course, a Ustream channel to share them with the world. Welcome to SparrowWatch!

(They are getting more active, and so harder to watch. One of them keeps sitting so close to the camera that all you can see is blurry feathers. I am nervous about them fledging because our window is so high off the ground.)

UPDATE: This batch of babies left the nest on Monday, June 29. I did just read that sparrows can have up to 4 broods a season though!