Updates and Design Help!

by Jamie Sanford on February 9, 2012

Deciding to shut down Not So Basic Black in order to bring all of my content to one place is one thing, but getting everything properly moved over and functioning is another.  All of the content has come over without a hitch, but I am now working on a big rebranding project for this site.

[youtube vionxGs8l9E]

If nothing else, I will have to obtain some Luxe business cards by Moo. I adore my current set of mini cards by Moo, but these are just business card porn!

So, now I’m thinking about getting some professional assistance in the rebranding. I know I want to maintain the imagery of the deer/moose/elk/other antlered animal because I have enjoyed it so much with Not So Basic Black, but I think I want some help with creating something that is bold, that feels like me, and will work well in multiple iterations.  Maybe I will try out 99 Designs?

In other news, I have lots to write about, I still have some stuff to import over, and I have a major “about” page update to take care of as well.  Tomorrow I am spending part of the day with a friend and expect to be near the tents for New York Fashion Week, and I will certainly take some photos and share them here.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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