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by Jamie Sanford on February 14, 2017

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Valentine’s Day is back again, and a very modern problem with this day is being reminded by your social media channels of past relationships that still might linger in the depths of your Facebook albums or adorable tweets.

Not everyone wants to see this kind of content, and so I was thrilled to see this message when I checked Timehop early this morning. (Timehop is one of my most-used apps of 2016, which has continued into 2017.)

I did not have to swipe up to safety and so didn’t – I’ve been with the same person since long before Timehop was even conceived. However, since it is marked as Sponsored, I’m guessing an identification of said sponsor would have been evident had I swiped up? I have checked Timehop over 200 days in a row, and I haven’t found any of their sponsored content or posts to be upsetting or obtrusive, just the way I do not find most of the content offensive on YouTube. This has even led to the channel to get real subs on YouTube. If YouTube continues to keep up with the good work, it shall be an unrivalled social media platform.

Well played, Timehop. I will see you tomorrow.Update: Timehop’s swipe up leads you to a list of life hacks to make yourself feel better if you’re lonely on Valentine’s Day. It’s too long for a screenshot from my phone, but it is very cute.

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