I’ve been quiet here as of late, largely because my content creation time is spent largely on my cheese exploration.

I have surpassed the 500 follower mark (am I officially a micro-influencer yet?) and have been experiencing the changes in the Instagram algorithm first-hand. Reels reel-y are the way to go for interaction and views at the moment.

I refuse to abandon my traditional image posts for now, but I have adjusted my process a bit in order to best prepare for potential edits to my future content.

For any time I spend creating a styled environment, I take photos and now create video clips as well. I have been partial to sweeping views of cheeses and their rinds, but I also love an action shot of a cheese being cut. This is especially effective when it’s a soft cheese like this Brie du Pommier.

Short clips are also really helpful. I created a reel from videos of cheeses best served when the tops are removed and it was very successful on Instagram, with over 5k views. (I’m sure the assist from Lauryn Hill was also a factor.)

Essentially, it has become an effort in maximizing every opportunity to create something. Videos, boomerangs, still images, all of them can be used immediately or archived for future use. I have found additional images from past cheese shoots to use for new posts, to discuss methods of slicing cheese or just to discuss a cheese I particularly enjoyed. Sometimes the content I like but don’t LOVE ends up in my stories instead, as the vibe in stories is more relaxed.

As is always the case, the landscape for creating content that resonates with both users and platforms is ever evolving. What will be the next version of what we are creating?