The Brand Experience Project

by Jamie Sanford on January 31, 2013

Brands, welcome to 2013.

While my title centers around the word marketing, in my job at Noritake I also manage direct-to-consumer online retail through our website.  I got this job in April 2010 in large part because I wrote so much about shopping online. However, in the last 6 months or so, I’ve become way more interested in the experience of shopping and delivery, and less so in the actual items being purchased. Did I have to call customer service for any reason? What was that experience like? It’s all part of the equation that equals a number that indicates whether or not a customer will go back and shop at the same website twice.

I will be talking about packaging, and how items arrive. As a buyer, does your perception of the quality of service get affected by seeing something like this packing list upon opening the box?  As a seller, do you think your customers might look upon your services differently upon encountering something like this?

I have been photographing the stages of opening all of my packages from online retailers in recent months. Some are impressive and some are really disappointing. I have also taken notice of some really awful online shopping experiences – so bad that I never actually made the purchase.

This is a project in progress, I intend on creating a report card for each online shop to measure them against one another in the best possible manner, while recognizing that they may offer vastly different things. The feel of each brand might be different. Amazon isn’t really trying to be high end, but Neiman Marcus definitely seems to give that message. Do the packages I receive when ordering from these sites reflect their message?

I’m really interested in any input others might have on this project. What factors should I consider? What websites should I try out?

I look forward to suggestions!

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