Thank you, Internet.

by Jamie Sanford on March 22, 2010

Obviously, I like the Internet. My career is based around it, I have 2 blogs and 3 Twitter accounts, I’m finally getting into FourSquare, I’m obsessed with my Flickr, the list goes on and on.

DSC03070 He didn’t get it when I was taking this shot. (April 2005.)

However, that is nothing compared to the fact that the Internet introduced me to my husband.

It was in June 1999 that I started working at a data recovery company, giving me a lot of time in the office to surf the web. It was the year between my freshman and sophomore years of college, and I guess I had been watching Kevin Smith movies, since I ended up at his website.

I was intimidated by the fanboys on the main board, but quickly located an off-topic board and started posting there. I’m sure that Will (my husband) and I addressed each other, but we thought nothing of it.

Sometime in March of 2000, someone on the board asked for everyone to provide their AIM screen name. We did so, and one night (March 21), ended up in a chat with 15 or so people from the board, all chatting and posting photos, having a more active interaction than just board posts.

I was a night owl even then and so stayed in the chat as people dropped off to go to bed. It was pretty late when it dwindled down to Will and myself.  He then asked if he could call me on the phone.

And so it began.

I like to mark this day every year. It does feel particularly important that this year marks 10. We’ve been married for about 3 and a half, and that is important, but I’ve been committed to this person for a much longer time.

Anyway, back to the Internet. I truly believe that there is no way we would have met if that website had not existed. We lived in different countries, 2000 miles apart. I was a student at a big university with lots of opportunities to date, and was NOT looking for love online. When I went to meet him at a board meetup a few months later, people I told warned me that he would be a psycho, even after hearing that we’d been speaking for hours on end every day for 4 months straight.

I didn’t doubt that we would get along, I knew I had strong feelings for him and thought I was in love. A weekend in Tennessee confirmed it, and we never turned back. It has occured to me so many times that there is no way we should have met, and it makes me feel luckier to have such a wonderful partner in my life.

So thanks for this one, Internet. Thanks to Kevin Smith too.

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