Link Tank #22

by Jamie Sanford on April 17, 2015

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(Source) Are you watching Elementary yet? It really is my favorite show on TV. Archer too, but that’s a very different beast.

Last year’s World Champion in Formula One is sometimes just the guy who gets asked to take a family photo. I love it.

Someone took the effort to make Hansel’s funeral shirt from Zoolander. I want one.

Shallot, walnut, and goat cheese pizza. You know you want it. Or you don’t, but I totally do.

Marie Forleo talks to Grace Bonney (of Design Sponge) for 30 minutes! This is a great video.

Another recipe! French onion soup grilled cheese.

Shauna has a great plan for keeping your blog files organized.

If you start looking at Apartment Therapy home tours, you will not come out the other side until hours later.

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