Instagram Roundup #42

by Jamie Sanford on May 29, 2013

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Tiny Edward made an appearance during parking lot construction at the office.

My 14-year-old car hit 100,000 miles last week. That’s about 7,140 miles per year, but I think my per year driving average is higher, since I bought this car from my grandmother 5 years ago. She was not driving as much as I do.

I stopped at the park to check out the baby geese. So cute, even though the full-sized geese were not thrilled with my presence.

Still reading The Joy of Less, and running into the part where I start not believing it.  I am going to work on a post to talk about what I have actually removed from our home, but there’s a LONG way to go.

…because his behavior SO says that he is focused on the art of overproduced pop music.

Almost lost my mind over the cuteness of this baby prairie dog at the zoo.

We saw the elk and bison too.

Will and I at the zoo. I am really looking forward to our midwestern road trip coming up soon!

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Instagram Roundup #35

by Jamie Sanford on April 10, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

This is Deep Space by Candeo Colors. The result is nice but application was pretty awful.

I cooked again! I made mushroom soup the other night, and it turned out really well! Here’s the recipe I used.

I went to Five Below, hoping to get a case for my iPhone 5 that matches the one I purchased there for my iPhone 4. Naturally I did not find what I wanted, but did manage to find matte topcoat, and an amazing skull bottle of black polish. I really don’t need any more black polish, but I could not resist the bottle.

I asked Will to go with me to the zoo on Saturday, and we went to Turtle Back Zoo. It was lovely. I’m going to have to try and convince him to have another outing with me this weekend.

After the zoo, we had dinner, and then went wine shopping. I had picked this based on the triumphant antlers, but then I got to try and it and didn’t want it anymore. Hopefully I will enjoy what I actually purchased.

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