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Hipster Bingo!

by Jamie Sanford on May 10, 2011

Hipster Bingo! Why didn’t I think of this?

Given the plethora of blogs that mostly mock “the hipster,” I should have expected this much sooner, right?

Also, the Wikipedia entry on hipster can’t really seem to agree with itself.

Anyway, back to the bingo, this is the perfect game for when you are sitting in the patio area of a bar with high traffic levels. Product description:

2. Take out Bingo card.
3. Use found items like change or bottle caps for game pieces. If hipsters are nearby this means you will be able to find plenty of pennies, guitar picks, cigarette butts, mustache combs…
4. PLAY hipster bingo!

So brilliant and a steal at $8 for a set of 4 hipster bingo cards.

Hipster Bingo is available from Etsy seller HipsterBingo.

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