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Link Tank #36

by Jamie Sanford on August 4, 2016

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Can we talk about how I am obsessed with these shoes? They are Gucci. (The previous link is an affiliate link, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link.)

The AV Club has launched a series called “Soundtracks of Our Lives” and did a full examination of the soundtrack to The Crow, from 1994. I wish I had more pictures from around that time, when I was totally getting out of “grunge” music and more into way darker stuff, particularly Nine Inch Nails, introduced to me by my friend Tiffany. The Crow soundtrack had a Nine Inch Nails song on it, and that was enough to pull me in, but that soundtrack became something I could listen to all the way through. When I met my husband Will – I found out that he too loved the soundtrack, and even had the CD of the film’s score, an elusive piece of music to find even when the movie was so popular. That, along with the fact that he had more Nine Inch Nails halos than I did, made him immediately super cool in my eyes. Back to topic – The Crow soundtrack, 22 years later, still evokes a lot of emotion for me, and a lot of memories of laying on my bed or the floor, listening to it all the way through. I think I still have an ENORMOUS poster of Brandon Lee as Eric Draven somewhere in my storage unit. It was a formative movie and soundtrack, and I loved reading this piece about it.

I searched online the other day for Cahill’s Whiskey Cheddar Cheese. I used to buy this at Whole Foods and then they stopped stocking it. I have now found it online, at iGourmet.com, which is barking right up my tree.

Shauna (Nubby Twiglet) wrote about creating a personalized workspace. I have a tiny desk in our apartment, so at the office, I’ve done quite a bit of personalization. I will put my office together a bit more and post about it soon.

I’m really excited for the Olympics, and gymnastics in particular. Here’s a great video about Aly Raisman’s spectacular floor exercise.

A wonderful human put all of season 6 of The Grest British Bake-Off on YouTube, including the Masterclass episodes that I had never seen!

An artist redrew their childhood art, and it is magical. It is like seeing the intention of the original piece.

Photojojo gives you a guide to splash photography.

New York Magazine gives us French cult pharmacy products that you can buy on Amazon.

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