Las Vegas Vow Renewal | Blue Suede Shoes

by Jamie Sanford on September 28, 2016

Time really does fly, as it has now been nearly 5 years since William and I renewed our wedding vows on 11-11-11, our 5-year anniversary. We had such a good time that we are doing it again for our upcoming 10-year anniversary.

I am completely undecided about what I will be wearing. We will be having some portraits taken, so I’m tempted to go more formal, but at the same time, I was thinking that festive casual might be the better choice, for ease of movement and comfort throughout the evening. Either way, I did learn my lesson about heels last time. I either need to bring flat shoes with me or just wear flats for the whole event.

I digress. The more important factor here is that this is an Elvis wedding. We have a full Elvis ceremony, where Elvis will be performing the ceremony and singing multiple songs. Obviously, it seems like the right time for, you guessed it, blue suede shoes.

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Check out some of the selections I am considering!









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Link Tank #5

by Jamie Sanford on September 20, 2013

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Elementary comes back this week!

Publix as a Wal-Mart crusher? Definitely. I worked for Publix as a teenager, and I can’t WAIT to go there when I visit Florida. The only other food store I actively try to go into is Whole Foods.

From Rock ‘n Roll Bride: 10 Ways To Be More Popular on Social Media. My favorite is the part where the gauge for a tweet or post is “how would I feel if my Nan read this?”

From Hubspot: The 7 Personalities Every Social Media Manager Has. I really enjoyed this one.

Darren Rowse on How To Get Dreams Out Of Your Head. This is a lengthy video, but it is incredible.

I have watched a tiny bit of Breaking Bad. I did find this piece by Anna Gunn on being a hated character really interesting, and sad for what the Internet is largely used for.

As someone who is overwhelmed at times with my genealogical research, this is an interesting idea of using Pinterest to collect information.

This is a story about the capture and subsequent journey taken by Tilikum, the orca that killed a trainer at Sea World in 2012. Written from the perspective of the whale, it is a great read.

A sad trip back to 2007, when Britney Spears lost it for a while. But it turns around in the end, and lets you know that if Britney survived 2007, you can survive today.

Carmen Carrera is a transgender performer who is ruling the world in this Steven Meisel photoshoot in W Magazine. Her accompanying essay is also great.

Disney princesses re-imagined in a series called “Fallen Princesses.” This was depressing but the images are great.

Still cannot quite get my head around Sean Parker’s wedding and how insane/spectacular/breathtaking/amazing it was.

DIY Beauty Hacks. Enjoy.

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Instagram Roundup #46

by Jamie Sanford on June 26, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

It’s going to take me weeks to catch up on Instagrams. Our South Dakota trip was pretty amazing, and it all started with a wedding in Mitchell.

After flying back from Savannah on Thursday, it was back to EWR on Friday morning at 5:15am.

We connected to Sioux Falls through O’Hare, and saw a dinosaur while walking to our terminal. I also managed to get a Power Punch from Smoothie King, which tasted like memories of college.

We are happy to be on our last flight of the day.

Welcome to Sioux Falls! The smallest airport I’ve been to – there is one “terminal” with 7 gates.

Our first stop upon arriving in Mitchell was Michael’s Toggery, to pick up Will’s rental tux. Downtown Mitchell was full of amazing signage.

I don’t go to Walmart in New Jersey because it is terrifying. We had no choice but to hit the Mitchell Walmart, and I have to admit, it was pretty glorious. I tend to purchase a hat on every road trip we take, and this trip’s hat was an amazing fedora I found on clearance at this Walmart. I think I paid $3? You’ll see the hat in upcoming posts.

After the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, it was time for some Mitchell nightlife. This bar was AMAZING. It had a proper bar, a hunting video game, a dance floor, an outdoor loungey space, and a beach volleyball court in the back.

On Saturday was the wedding. Congratulations James and Sara!

Here’s our cocktail hour selfie. Somehow we managed to not get a real picture of us while we were all dressed up.

Wedding photobooths are the best idea EVER.

This was around the end of the reception. This looks about right.

More from the road trip through South Dakota next week!

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Link Tank #2

by Jamie Sanford on June 21, 2013

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I totally re-watched all of season 1 of Elementary. It is definitely one of my favorite shows to ever grace my television.

Top 10 Travel Apps, from CNN.

How to write a piece to draw thousands of new readers, from Copyblogger.

Incredible levitation photos, from Gizmodo.

The top 10 least stressed states. I do not live in one. (HuffPost)

From Upworthy, maps of what your state is good at, and what it isn’t so good at.

Did you see anything about Sean Parker’s wedding? I wish I could have attended just to see how insane it was. Here are some details via The Knot.

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Instagram Roundup #13

by Jamie Sanford on November 8, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Wedding Edition!

We’ve had the good fortune to attend 2 weddings in the last month. We had a ball at both of them.

Here we are getting cocktails at Tiffany and John’s wedding. Not sure why the picture is so crap.

The jumping picture. Hopefully the photographer has less blur than me. I’m sure she does.

Tiffany’s hair had LIGHTS in it. It was super easy to find her all night, and looked amazing.

We also had wedding bingo. I did not win but I totally saved my bingo card.

Natasha and Jason’s wedding was less than a week later. Here is me, Will and Natasha’s daughter Cheyann in the hotel shuttle on our way to the wedding location.

I found Karla and we took our standard photo. Love.

The only Instagram shot of Natasha, you can see her gorgeous wedding dress. She looked stunning.

Me and the girls, in line for the photobooth. I knew we were gonna have some shenanigans in there, and we delivered.

Aftermath photo of our table. Lots and lots of drinks. A good time was had by all.

Both weddings were a blast. No more until February and then another in June!

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