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My Favorite YouTube Channels

by Jamie Sanford on July 21, 2016

Over the past few years, I have become an avid YouTube watcher. I tend to search YouTube first for content that is instructional in nature (recent example – I watched a bunch of videos on making flower crowns before I made this very successful one), and over the last few years, YouTube has become one of my top destinations online. I do not have a television in my bedroom, but I definitely check the YouTube app on the iPad to see if any of my favorite channels have posted new content. I am subscribed to over 50 channels; however, many of those are updating once a month or less.

Here are my current top YouTube channel picks!


[youtube j_2OXLfsgc8]

I found Nikkie through Nicole Guerriero, whose channel I have been watching for ages. I think this black and white look was the first video I watched, and the moment I fell in love was at 1:37. She is an incredible makeup artist, and so much fun to watch, which is what makes me a happy subscriber.

The Brain Scoop

[youtube t3amU3RrX9g]

Emily Graslie started this channel on her own, and eventually, a brilliant mind at the Field Museum in Chicago hired her to come work at the museum and continue her YouTube channel. Not only are her videos super interesting and varied, but she is a wonderful role model for young women, especially those interested in STEM.

Mr. Kate

[youtube l8_UpO1RAe4]

Mr. Kate is a DIY mistress and interior designer with her own jewelry and accessories line. She has built an entire empire with her business partner/husband and a team of creatives in Los Angeles. Her videos range from personal style to travel to home decor.


[youtube M0Sloitb9Jg]

Tested has been through some changes in the past few years, but is now “Adam Savage’s Tested,” as Adam is the marquee name associated with both and this YouTube channel. The Tested team is much bigger than just Adam, and this channel serves videos of podcasts, Adam’s “one-day builds,” museum tours, tips and tricks on creating your own maker space, and more.

Helen Anderson

[youtube e7uR6ah9NCk]

Helen makes many videos from the standardized list favored by beauty/lifestyle vloggers, but her personality and delivery is absolutely why I’m still watching her channel. She’s a cool chick, and I imagine that other people watch her channel for the same reason that I do, which is that I strongly feel that if Helen can do it, I can do it.

America’s Test Kitchen

[youtube h0fHS8-l_NU]

If you are familiar with the television show, you’ll know exactly what kinds of videos are on America’s Test Kitchen’s YouTube channel. I love watching these and learning, and they also make great content for sharing on Noritake’s social networks.

USA Gymnastics

[youtube gwqI0AmJt6U]

Not sure how I initially found this channel, but it sent me down a path of binge-viewing gymnastics competitions from the past 40 years. I am now basically an expert in women’s artistic gymnastics.

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