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Sunday Link Party!

by Jamie Sanford on August 9, 2010

Photo of the week. An old one from a trip to Seattle a few years ago. I took this from the top of the Space Needle.

Seattle, WA - May 3, 2007 - View from the Space Needle.

Seattle is one of my favorite cities.

Twitalyzer has cool Twitter stats. I love stats.

Are all URL shorteners created equal? From Edelman Digital.

This should maybe be posted on The Daily Wishlist, but oh well. Here’s a gallery of fabulous jewelry for geeks, from Mashable.

I have a few videos to add this week too.

This video is from late 2009. Tori Amos, performing one of my favorite songs of hers live – “Doughnut Song.”

My friend Kelly made this hilarious video about wanting all of your friends to have Blackberry Messenger. I love to BBM so I found this hysterical. It is NSFW.

This next video is an excerpt from the Life series.  My husband bought it for us, but because he knows what is up, we have the BBC version, narrated by David Attenborough.

Anyway, this video shows 2 Clark’s Grebes in a mating ritual. It isn’t dirty or anything. I find it particularly touching and it makes me so happy to watch. I think that true love feels like what the dancing birds look like at 2:04 in the video.

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